Saturday, July 18, 2009

Won't You Let Me Take You on a Sea Cruise?

Last weekend, we gathered together with my step-mom, Lynda, brother, Michael, and Aunt Brenda and Uncle Melvin to celebrate my Dad's former birthday. My step-mom and Dad celebrate their birthday on July 2nd and 10th, respectively. Every year, the two of them would take a short cruise to Ensenada, Mexico. Shortly after my Dad passed away, my family decided to take this cruise together, on his birthday, to celebrate his life.

Carnival, Paradise

Friday morning, we (including a very sick boy) packed up the 'Merc' and headed out. We stopped at Forrest Lawn cemetery in Cypress to pay respects to my Dad at his graveside. Then we parked our car in Long Beach and hopped in a limo for our short ride to the port.

Our ride

Lynda and Michael

Just Johnson's in a limo

We boarded the ship around 3pm and went to the Paris Cafe for lunch. It was a good thing 'The Boy' was as sick as he was because a 3 o'clock lunch time normally would not fly.

We went to the pool deck to participate in the Muster Drill before the ship set sail. Apparently nothing gets you out of this. Not even a screaming, exhausted toddler. My apologies to all of the other passengers sequestered in Muster station F.

'The Hubs' and 'The Boy' enjoying the view from our cabin

We went back to our stateroom after the drill and for the very first time, stayed there during send off. 'The Boy' took a much needed nap while we unpacked.

That evening, we had dinner and "celebrated" my Dad's birthday. Lynda presented Michael and I each with a clock with an engraved picture of my dad on it. We had cake and enjoyed sharing memories of my Dad.
'The Hubs' stayed in the cabin the first night with 'The Boy' while I had a fun evening of three card poker with the rest of the fam. More to Come...Ensenada tomorrow.

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