Thursday, May 31, 2012

Random Samplings of May

'Munchkin' helped Uncle Ryan fix the icemaker and they were thisclose to fixing it.
I attend the women's bible study end of the year brunch.
'Mister' got his first sink bath.
Family movie night: Kung Fu Panda 2.
'Munchkin' tested the absorbency factor on her diaper.
She sat in 'Mister's' bath seat and said 'I da baby'.

It got really hot!
'The Boy' brought me roses from our garden in bed. Such a sweet boy!

My Birthday

First of all, I turned 33 this year.  An age that, for some reason, I was dreading.  Combine that with 'The Hubs' away for business the night before and the most sleepless night since 'Mister's' first week and it was a recipe for disaster.  But, I was determined to make the most of it because, it was my birthday, damn it!

The night before my birthday was just one of those nights.  'Mister' was up off and on until midnight and then I spent five hours watching the clock tick on.  And just when I may have (I'm not even sure...I was delusional) drifted off, 'Mister' woke up for yet another feeding.  By the time I had finished changing and feeding him, it was 6 am.  I considered rolling over to get some shut eye but then I thought, this is when I get up.  So I did. 

I got in the shower, got dressed and emptied a bottle of Clear Eyes.  I called my mom for my birthday greeting.  She told me she was so tired because she only got 5 hours of sleep.  I told her, "I win"...I hadn't slept yet!

I was going to be tired all day and I was going to need to be within 5 minutes of a Starbucks at any given time but I was going to have a great day!

I dropped 'The Boy' off at school and headed straight for caffeine.

 See says triple.  As in triple shot.  Of espresso.  I'd like to say that it was all I need but I had several of these throughout the day.

I picked up my mom and we headed to the farmer's market.  She stopped for a lottery ticket.  I got one because, on your birthday, you're extra lucky.

I hung in there for most of the morning.  I started to get a bit sleepy on the way to pick up 'The Boy' but I was determined to have a nice lunch.  We ate at the bagel shop which was seriously my choice because it was easy to chase after the kids there.

Then, I dropped my mom off at home and headed back to ours to meet 'The Hubs'.  On the way there, I got a phone call saying that he was a couple of hours behind.  I about died!  I was so ready for a nap.  So ready that I cried.  Sobbed, really.  And yelled a bunch of inaudible words. 

I gave myself a little pep talk and tried to power through.  And, of course, not a single child would take a nap!  Somehow, by the grace of God, I made it.  'The Hubs' walked in the door, gave me a birthday kiss and I went to bed.

Two hours later, he came into our room and asked if I wanted to go out for a birthday dinner with my parents.  I swear, I felt like a new woman (who desperately needed a margarita) so we went out to celebrate.

My birthday sundae.

  Me and 'Munchkin'.

Me and 'The Boy'. tired do I look?!?

'Mister' was way into the ice cream.  If only he had the dexterity, he would have grabbed the spoon and fed himself.
'The Littles' ran around outside and played in the fountain for a bit.  I loved watching them.
'Mister' just hung out and wondered how on earth he ended up in this family.

And when it was all over, we went home and I went straight to bed. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

At Three Months


The days keep moving along much to my dismay.  I wish that I could bottle up your baby-ness and savor if forever.  As it is, you've already lost that newborn smell and I miss it so.

We just love that smile!

You are growing so much and continue to be our chunky little monkey.  We didn't visit the doctor this month but you are about 12 1/2 lbs.  I have packed away all of your newborn clothes and you are juuuuust fitting into 3 months, and wearing some 6 month outfits.  You are in size 2 diapers...2!!!

I am still breastfeeding you every 2-3 hours.  You spit up quite a bit.  We've taken to calling you "Ralph".  Nonetheless, I love bonding with you and my favorite time of day is waking up snuggled next to you in bed after your morning feeding.

We love watching you discover the world around you and you have been becoming more aware of everything around.  You love the pictures on your play mat and have started following the bigger kids with your eyes.  You found your hands and are mesmerized by them.  You seriously stare at them, turning them from side to side for minutes at a time.  You also started to roll from your tummy to your back partly, I'm sure, to get done with tummy time as soon as possible.

You like your swing and bouncy like being held by other people, but you would rather be in Mommy's arms than any place else and that's just fine by me. 

We love watching you grow, little monkey, and can't wait for what next month brings.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pretty as a Peach

I recently had the pleasure of throwing a baby shower for 'The Hubs' sister.  She is having a girl and they are naming her Savannah Jo.  For months the wheels in my head turned and turned, trying to commit to a theme.  I knew that I wanted it to be southernish but it wasn't until a month or so before that I had a brilliant idea.  Savannah...Georgia...Peach!  Pretty as a Peach!

I had so much fun putting together all of the details and it was a bit harder than I thought it would be.  Apparently, peach parties aren't that popular...yet.  My sister-in-law, Rachelle, was so kind to help with the games and all of the set up and baking on the day before.  In the end, I think we both agreed that if we never see another peach...haha!

 Welcoming our guests.

The Treat Table

Rachelle and I spent hours on making these cake pops.  Who knew they would be so time consuming.  Never again!

Mini peach tarts.
Guests had to guess how many peaches were in the basket.
Of course we had to have yummy red velvet cupcakes.  A southern staple.

I made and canned peach butter for party favors.
The drink station.  We served the most delicious peach lemonade.

We ate a southern picnic lunch and enjoyed some conversation on the patio.  I fed the baby.  Which is why I am lucky to have the pictures that I do.  'Mister' was going through a growth spurt and ate during lunch, and games, and most of presents.  It is impossible to take pictures and nurse a baby.  (Does anybody else have any pictures?)
The beautiful mommy-to-be.

It was such a great shower and now we are ready to meet Miss Savannah!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Breakfast

'The Boy's preschool held a lovely breakfast for us moms just before Mother's Day.  My mom picked up 'Munchkin' for the morning and I had a wonderful time with my bud.  And 'Mister' tagged along but he slept so it was like he wasn't even there.

 When we first arrived, he wanted me to play blocks with him so, while the other moms drank coffee and chatted, I sat on the floor and built a zoo.  I don't get much one on one time with 'The Boy' these days so I was happy to do whatever he wanted.

 Our zoo.  Note the dinosaur fossil.  It was the only animal on exhibit.

 We had a little craft time.

 We made a beautiful flower.

 He was so proud.

He gave me this adorable letter and it still makes me laugh.  That night, I asked 'The Hubs' if he though good food meant the jambalaya I was making or the hot dog I had microwaved the night before.  Pretty sure it was the hot dog.

We went to chapel and I got to hear him sing an adorable song for me.  Then, he laid down on my lap and said "Mommy, I don't feel so good".  I took him out of school early and treated him to a smoothie.  The next day he woke up with hand, foot and mouth.  Boo!
Thank you for making me feel so special, bud!  I love you so much and I am so blessed to be your mommy.