Thursday, July 1, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Chelsea

With our induction scheduled for midnight (ugh!) we knew that we would have to entertain ourselves in an effort to stay awake and not miss my date with pitocin. We arranged for 'The Boy' to spend the night at Gigi and Pop's and we visited for a bit before heading out to enjoy a night to ourselves.

My last preggers pic-39 weeks, 5 days

Our last family pic as a family of three!

At about 8:30, we kissed 'The Boy' goodbye and told him we'd see him in the morning when he would finally meet his little sister. He may as well have rolled his eyes and said 'whatever Mom'. He was so excited for a sleepover.

'The Hubs' and I went to the Yardhouse for dinner and contemplated a movie afterwards. We were both tired and amped for the arrival of our daughter all at the same time. We laughed so hard the whole night. There's was nothing funnier than our hostess taking us to our table and asking if we were celebrating a special occasion. We looked at each other and tried not to crack up.

Our waitress was adorable. She asked when I was due and I told her "in about three hours". She couldn't believe how calm we were just having dinner a few hours before we were going into meet our girl.

We enjoyed a nice (quiet) meal together and just laughed and talked about what we were in for. At one point I looked at 'The Hubs' and said "I just really don't feel like doing this right now." Too bad.

We opted out of the movie and stopped at Starbucks for some energy before heading to the hospital.

Already exhausted but away we go!

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Leslie said...

what a terrific plan for an appointment to meet your daughter! dinner, "quiet" evening....ahhh. can't wait to hear more.