Sunday, March 25, 2012


The flu hit us.  Every single one of us.  And that, unfortunately, included 'Mister'.  It started with 'The Boy' who got it, I'm sure, from school.  He then passed it onto 'Munchkin'  who just couldn't keep her hands off of that new baby of hers.  She passed it on to meand 'The Hubs', as well.

On Sunday morning, I woke up feeling a bit under the weather and 'Mister' began the day with a bit of a runny nose and a dry cough.  As the day went on, I felt worse and worse and in the late afternoon, 'Mister' spiked a fever.  I called Dr H and she asked for us to come into the office first thing in the morning.

It was a rough night and we were up most of it trying to comfort 'Mister'.  The next day we were in the Dr's office bright and early and he was so much worse; struggling to breathe, incredibly congested, fevers of 100.2.  Dr H walked in, took one look at him and said, "oh, no...this is a very sick baby".  My heart sunk and I began to silently pray that he would be ok and we would be able to go home.  They gave him an antibiotic injection and a breathing treatment and sent us off with a slew of orders.

We spent our day in the medical offices.  He had chest xrays and blood drawn.  My mommy heartstrings were tugged on real good and I was so sick myself, all I wanted to do was go to bed.

I filled a prescription for an inhaler and we went home to wait for results.  I knew that it was possible that we would get a phone call and that we could be told to go to the children's hospital.  But we didn't.  We got a call saying that his xray was normal.  Thank you, God.

That night was better and the next day, we were at the pediatrician's again for another antibiotic injection.  We also had to go back to the lab to have his blood redrawn because the previous draw had coagulated.  Watching my three week old little boy get poked for the second day in a row was heartbreaking.

He slowly began to recover.  For the third morning in a row, we were into see Dr. H.  He had a final antibiotic injection, breathing treatment and a culture for whooping cough.  Dr H was confident that he was on the mend and told us to follow up in a week.

Over the next few days, I began to feel better and 'Mister' was getting better, too.  All of his lab work and cultures came back normal and we breathed a sigh of relief.  It took him several weeks to fully recover and he still has an occasional dry cough.  I have never seen any of my babies so sick.  It was truly the most miserable week and I hope we never have to go through anything like that again.

 Sick 'Mister'.

 Getting snuggles from Daddy.

Waiting for his shot at the peditricians.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

At One Month


One month has already come and gone since you came into our lives.  I love that it feels like you have been the missing link and complete our little family.  You have been easy going at times and pretty demanding at others.  It's as if you know your place in the line up.  You're the third born.  You are mellow when the others are going crazy and you crave attention when the others are keeping us from you.

You have been exclusively breast fed for your first month...never took a single bottle.  This is amazing because I gave in with bottles early on with your brother and sister.  You are such a good eater...every two hours during the day and sometimes as long as four hours at night.

I don't know if it is your diet but you are definitely our biggest baby.  9 lbs. 11 oz. already!  Amazing because you sadly had RSV at three weeks old and it was truly miserable.  But you powered through and held onto all of your weight.  You are still hanging onto (barely) your newborn clothes but you've already graduated to size one diapers.

Your brother and sister love you and are adjusting so well.  We still have to remind your sister to be gentle with you...she sometimes smacks you when she means to pat and be loving.  A few weeks after you came home, she woke up form her nap asking, "where my baby?"  Your brother loves you and kisses you often.  He is so looking forward to you being older so that you can play together. 

Recently, you've been showing us your sweet smile.  We love that it reveals a little dimple on your right cheek.  You hold your head up so well strong!

While a part of me is a bit sad that these first few weeks are gone already, I am so looking forward to watching you grow in the months to come.  We love you so much, little monkey and we ae so glad that you are here!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Samplings of February

We spent much of February waiting, and waiting but we managed to fill our days enough to make time pass.  I just wish it had passed a little more quickly.

I have been on a green smoothie kick.  'The Littles' don't even suspect that there are greens in there.

Our countdown to baby chain.  Too bad we ran out of links before our baby came.

Stuffing her new bear at Build-a-Bear.
Making a wish to put in his bear which he named after himself.  First, middle and last name.
She wants to be such a big girl at the playground.  Always trying to keep up with her brother.
A beanie that I crocheted for our neighbor's little girl.
An afternoon spent writing out Valentines.
'The Hubs' brought home a little treat for me.  Such a good hubby.
All bundled up for a cold day.
18 month check up.  Still a 'Munchkin'...5th percentile for her weight.

A post vaccination smoothie.
'The Boy' gave his sister a ride on a warm afternoon.
Killing time with a basket full of yarn.  I got to the point where I made way more beanies than one little baby head could wear.
'The Littles' dancing on our bed just one day before 'Mister's' arrival.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

'Mister's' first weeks

"The Boy' had to hold him right when we walked in the door from the hospital.  He is such a proud big brother.

 First bath...not a fan.

 Bedtime stories.

Taking a nap.

Getting snuggles from cousin Calli.

First shopping trip to Henry's. 

 Enjoying snuggle time with my little 'Mister'.

 'The Boy' has been such a good helper.

 Kisses from 'Munchkin'.

 Mimi has her hands full now!

Napping with Daddy.

Monday, March 5, 2012

'Mister's' First Days

Hours after 'Mister' was born, we were taken to our private (thank God) room.  I was so exhausted and my epidural had completely worn off right about the same time 'The Littles' walked in.  Perfect timing. 

 'The Boy' was so excited to meet his new brother.

'Munchkin' wasn't really sure of what was going on.

We always have the new baby give presents to the bigger kids when they come to visit just to break the ice a little. 

She held tight to Pop and opened her new book.  We start potty training soon.
'The Boy' tore through his, tossed aside the book and asked if we could watch his new movie.  Haha!
'The Littles' had brought 'Mister' his new blanket all wrapped up.  'The Boy' was so proud that he picked it out at the store.
They were excited to see me and I tried desperately to hold it together.
But I was miserable!

My mom ended up taking me to the bathroom and I hung out in there trying to pee until they were just about to leave.  I was in so much pain (worse than the other two) and I didn't want them to see me crying.
'The Hubs' held down the fort. 
Later that night, we were told that 'Mister's' billirubin levels were high and he'd need to spend the night in the nursery under the lights.  Sounded familiar.  'The Hubs' and I have different blood types.  He's negative.  I'm positive.  'Munchkin' and 'Mister' are negative and my positive blood cells were still running around in their blood stream after they were born causing the jaundice. 

He went under the phototherapy lights and we went to sleep for a few hours before paying him a visit and trying to feed him.  The nurse was so nice.  She let us sleep until morning before bringing him back to us.

He got to continue his tanning and wear his fancy sunglasses for the next 24 hours.
And while he tanned, I got some rest in.
I hated that I couldn't snuggle him all day but at least I got my time in when I fed him.

That day was filled with more visits from family and waiting for 'Mister's' billirubin levels to stabilize.
'Munchkin' took a nap in my hospital bed.

When she woke up, we showed her the baby.  She was way more interested in that apple. 
She like him much better when he was tanning and none of her people were holding him.
'The Boy' loved seeing him and to several breaks from Angry Birds to see and kiss him.
The next morning we got the good news that 'Mister's jaundice had cleared up enough to go home. 

We finally got rid of that silly lamp and got our cuddle on.

Me and my three 'Littles'.  One is super excited, one isn't so sure about the situation and one is just pissed.  I have a feeling I'll be seeing some combination of this on a daily basis from here on.

Little 'Mister' all dressed and ready to go home.  The beanie I crocheted for him fit...I was so happy.

Just as we left the hospital parking lot, all three fell asleep.  The calm before the storm.  We headed home (in peace and quiet) for the first time as a family of five.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mister's Birth in Pictures

Just arriving at the hospital.  I am in some serious pain here and could not believe that we were taking pictures of this part.

My coaches, drinking Starbucks coffee and eating breakfast.  Must be nice.
Waiting for 'Mister'.
My mom and Mother-in-law, chatting and waiting.
After the epidural.  So sleepy.
Getting ready for pictures.

 So ready to meet our little man.

Here he is!

Such a good crier!

 Poor guy was so swollen and bruised.

'The Hubs' and his little guy.

Me and 'Mister'

Poor little bruised face.

 So in love!