Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Samplings of April

April was so busy!  I thought you were supposed to stay at home and relax when you had a new baby.  Not in this house.

 Uncle Michael came for a quick visit and this is the only picture that I got.  They're bonding.

 'Munchkin' found the perfect spot to play video games.

 Someone enjoyed her chocolate toast.  I have no idea why 'The Hubs' thinks this is an acceptable snack.

 The boys in the bathtub.

 Teaching 'Mister' the really important to play Angry Birds.


 I thought I'd occupy 'The Littles' with some finger painting.  It lasted about ten minutes.

 She did not love it.  She kept saying 'ewww'.

 He sure had fun, though!

 'The Hubs' surprised me with a new laptop for being a great wife and mommy.  I sure do love him!

 This made me laugh for hours!  They are breastfeeding their babies.

 Monkeys in the tub!

 Smiley boy!

 Potty time!  This was her first time on the potty and she actually went.  We were all so excited!

 The very best way to watch Special Agent Oso.

 I made 'The Littles' a very happy pancake breakfast.

 We got a package full of clothes and toys for all of 'The Littles' from Aunt Leslie and Uncle Tim.  I think they had more fun playing in the box.

 I spent a lot of time wearing 'Mister'.  Sometimes, it's the only way I can get anything done.

 I planted our spring garden.
 My boys.

 We took a quick overnight trip to Pala with grandma who treated me to a massage.

 It was a long day.  All three of them fell asleep at dinner.  And then grandma took them to her room so that we could get a little three card poker in.  And we did not win.

I went to get my hair done and came home to this giant mess!  'The Hubs' had gotten a new tool sample case and these are the Styrofoam inserts strewn across my family room.  I swear, sometimes he is worse than 'The Littles'!

Such a crazy, busy month!!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At Two Months

          You are already two months old!  The past two months have been so very busy and eventful so, naturally, the days have passed in the blink of an eye.  You have grown from my snugly little newborn into a curious and happy baby boy.
          At two months you are so much more alert and awake more hours during the day.  You are so strong and hold your head up well when you are held upright and during tummy time, which you don't exactly enjoy.  We love your sweet smile and your so serious faces.
         You are still breastfeeding and it seems that we have finally gotten a rhythm down.  I am actually surprised that we are still at it because your brother and sister were already on formula by this age.  You don't take a bottle well and that is fine by me.  I just love the time we have spent bonding.
        You are a pretty good sleeper, taking naps throughout the day and sleeping 5-7 hours at night.  You are still sleeping in your bassinet and, since you don't sleep soundly anywhere else, you'll stay there until you outgrow it.
        At your check up this month, you weighed 11 lbs. 13 oz. and you're 23 1/2 inches long.  By far our biggest baby. Your hair is beginning to fall out and in the most unusual pattern.  There is a little bald patch on the back of your head from where you rub your head in your sleep.  We think it is adorable. 
        This month, you have discovered the birds on your swing and the toys that hang over you on your play mat.  You are content in your swing and bouncy seat but prefer being snugged in someones arms.   You have started to turn your head to your brother and sister's voices and I know you are already trying to figure out a way to keep up with them.
        Your brother loves you so much, giving you kisses throughout the day and trying to calm you down when you are upset.  Your sister comes into our room every morning looking for you and, when she finds you, delightfully cries, "hi, baby".  She also runs around the house asking, "where my baby" when she can't see you. 
        We love you, little monkey.  We can't wait to watch you grow and grow.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Visit with Lexie

My cousin, Lexie, was in town from Arizona for a cheerleading competition.  We were so lucky that we were able to spend some time with her.  We went to my Mom's house on Saturday night to see her for bit and so she could meet 'Mister'.

 'Mister' meets Lexie.

'The Boy' was so excited because he got to spend the night at GiGi's with Lexie.  My Mom told me that they cuddled up in the queen sized bed in the guest room for a goodnight story and they both fell asleep there for the night. 

The next day, we all went to Disneyland!  We were so excited to be back after our little hiatus.  It was a bit challenging with 'Mister' (I nursed him on the tram, in ride lines, walking from land to land) but we had a great time.

 'Mister's' first visit.  We put his button on his carseat.

 Scoping things out near Grizzly River Rapids.

 Lexie and 'Munchkin'.  She was able to narrow it down to two of her babies that day.

 Enjoying the ride.

 Lexie, my Mom and I went on Soarin' Over California (my favorite ride) while Pop and 'The Hubs' watched 'The Littles'.  They played in this spot near the ride and I was told that this was the most fun they had all day.  Figures we'd buy season passes to the happiest place on earth and they are happiest running around and playing with an umbrella.

 Someone had a hard time dealing without her nap.

This one is a little dark but it is 'Mister' on his very first ride.  Pirates of the Caribbean, naturally.

We left early because Lexie had to head home that night but had such a wonderful short visit.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Carlsbad Flower Fields

My mom and I took 'The Littles' to the Carlsbad flower fields for the first time. I can't beleive that I have lived in Southern California for as long as I have (20+ years) and have never been. For the past two years, I have thought about going too late. They close for the year in May and we never make it in time.

This year, I was on top of it. Which says a lot because my plate is super full. I honestly thought that it was the kind of thing that would take a couple of hours but, with a nursing newborn and San Diego traffic, it ended up taking the better part of the day. Thankfully, 'The Littles' were a dream.

We got down to Carlsbad around lunchtime and ate at Karl Strauss. I was so prepared. I brought snacks and entertainment for impatient and hungry 'Littles'. We sang songs and played games until our food arrived. I was one of those moms. The kind that has it so together that I want to vomit. (It was short lived. I haven't seen this version of myself again and it's been a while).

The flower fields were not what I expected. I was nervous that 'The Littles' would not be entertained by a bunch of flowers but they had a great time.

So Pretty!

He actually liked just looking at the flowers.

Me and my silly Boy.  Don't mind my post baby belly.  It's only been a month.
Watching the birds in the aviary.
Taking it all in.  Actually, she is stuck in a little picture taking spot likely planning her escape.
Flowers for miles!
I love his silly faces.
We walked around and made an attempt at walking through a maze with the double stroller.  Then we took 'The Littles' to the little playground.

She loved this 'Munchkin' sized playhouse.
He played in this house for a long time.

We had a great time and I am so glad we finally saw the flower fields!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Day

Easter morning, 'The Littles' woke up and were so excited to go downstairs to see what goodies the Easter Bunny had left.  I love that they get more and more excited for holidays the older they get.  Those are my kids, alright!

Three baskets this year.

'The Boy's'
Here they come!
They loved everything and hardly noticed that the Easter Bunny cut back on the candy this year.

Modeling new sunglasses.
So cute!
The Easter Bunny left many eggs hidden in our house.  'The Littles' had a lot of work to do to find them all.  They managed just fine.

'Munchkin' loves putting things in her purse so she was a natural at this.
The older he gets, the higher up the eggs are.

They each got a new toy.  'Munchkin' got a a new Leaptop.
'The Boy' got a new game for his Leapster.  They were well entertained while we got breakfast ready. 
I fed 'Mister' while 'The Hubs' manned the kitchen.
Baked french toast.  So yummy!

We lounged around a bit and then got ready for church.  We are so lucky that our church offers an eleven o'clock Easter service.  It's so nice to not have to rush in the morning.

We checked 'The Boy' and 'Munchkin' into childcare and sat in the cry room with 'Mister'.  I was so busy changing him and feeding him that I missed the first half of the sermon.  Then 'Munchkin's' number came up and we had to get her from childcare because she wouldn't stop crying.  So there we were.  In the cry room, taking care of the baby and playing with 'Munchkin'.  When it was over, neither of us had a clue as to what the sermon was about.  Oh, well.
She was happier once we left.
'The Boy' had a blast.  He loves coming home with stickers and treats.
We went to spend the rest of the day at GiGi and Pop's.  The Easter Bunny left some goodies at their house, too.

'Mister' on his first Easter.
Sleeping the day away.
That Easter Bunny, he spoiled 'The Littles'.  There was an egg hunt at GiGi and Pop's, too.
Pop taught 'Munchkin' that she could eat and hunt all at the same time.  Wonderful.
'The Boy' got some new Legos.
'Munchkin' got some Sesame Street toys.
The egg hunt took them outside.
She loved looking inside the eggs.

I made these super yummy coconut cupcakes from a recipe I found on Pinterest. 
Nothing like a naked joy ride at the end of the day.  Well, not totally naked.  She is still wearing shoes.

Happy Easter.