Thursday, January 24, 2013

At Eleven Months

     You are eleven months old.  As in almost one year.  It makes me a bit sad that you had to grow so much in this time.  I wish that I could keep you little forever.  Especially since you are my last baby.  So many of your first are the last firsts I will see until you 'Littles' have children of your own.  I suppose it will always be that way.
      As sad as I am to see you grow so fast, I love so much about this age you are at.  I adore your sweet giggle and that you have different smiles for the special people in your life.  I love that you can tell us when you want "mama" or "dadad".  My heart melts when I see you playing with your brother and sister and breaks when they get mad at you or leave you out.
     Growing by leaps and bounds with new teeth sprouting up faster than I can kiss away the tears they cause.  Discovering left and right, testing our baby (and sister) proofing.  Dont' worry.  We've had a talk with her.  You will not get prayed in the face with Windex ever again.  And I'm really, really sorry that it happened in the first place.
      Next month, you will be one year old and we will celebrate.  We will celebrate the anniversary of your birth.  We will celebrate Mommy and Daddy making it through the year (because it is tough sometimes).  We will celebrate the closing of one baby filled chapter and the beginning of a new one for our family.  And we will celebrate you.  Wonderful, amazing you!

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