Friday, June 29, 2012

'Munchkin' is Two

Happy second birthday to our little firecracker!

Safari Park

We packed up and left our favorite little vacation spot early in the day and thought, why not stop at Safari Park before going home.  What's one more little adventure?  It was quite a bit warmer inland so, we didn't stay too long.  We got just enough wild animal adventure in to tide us over until next year.
Our guides had the day all planned out.

Scopin' out some birds.  'The Boy' swore it was a Snipe.

The lions were smarter than us, just snoozing in the shade.

That is a tired boy up there.

Poor girl looks terrified on the rhino.

We went to eat an early dinner and then all three of 'The Littles' slept on the way home as we headed back to reality.  So long, vacation.

Enjoying the Island

Ou vacation, sadly, was coming to an end.  It seemed to go by so fast becuase we kept so busy.  On our last full day at the resort we were blessed with perfect island weather and chose to stay put and enjoy a beautiful summer day.

Of course we spent the morning on the balcony, 'The Hubs' and I drinking coffee and relaxing, 'The Littles playing toy and IPad games.  I have no idea why 'The Boy's' feet are so darn dirty.  Likely just becuase he is a boy.

We headed down to the pool after lunch.  'Mister' napped, I read a book, and 'The Hubs' played with 'The Littles'.


'The Boy's' first self portrait.  In frame but so blurry.

Me and my girl.

I'm gonna miss this place.
'The Boy' fell asleep on the couch before we even got out of our bathing suits so we had to eat in our room.  'Munchkin' wanted him to play with her and kept bugging him and even brushed his hair with pizza crust.  He was so sleepy he didn't budge.

'The Hubs' and I enjoyed one more delicious quinoa salad from Burger Lounge on our balcony before we started packing up.  Bittersweet.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fun in the Sun

After exhausting ourselves again, we decided to have a day playing in the pool and hanging out at the resort.  'The Littles' were happy with that.


'Mister's' first swim.  He wasn't a big fan of the pool but it wasn't very warm. 

That night we went downtown again and walked around Horton Plaza for a bit before having dinner at The Yardhouse.  It's so funny that we had all of these different places to eat that we don't have where we live and we end up at an old favorite. 

They played checkers while I got to shop (alone) for a bit.

After dinner we decided to head back to the island but the bridge was closed.  We had to go the very long way through Imperial Beach to get back.  I searched the news on my IPhone and it turns out that there was a jumper.  'The Hubs' says that happens a lot.  On our way back to the resort, we drove down the main drag and couldn't resist a little treat.
The yogurt cup is bigger than her head but it didn't stop her from eating the whole thing. 

He was freezing and had to warm up in his buh-buhs.  Yes, he still carries around his buh-buhs.
'The Littles' fell asleep early and 'The Hubs' and I sat out on the balcony and watched the bridge full of police lights flashing.  We also saw a Navy SEALS drill in the harbor which, I thought, was pretty cool.  I love our little island.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sea World

After our relaxing day, we figured we would get back into the San Diego action and take 'The Littles' to Sea World.  We decided to take it slow and do what we could.  We didn't want to feel rushed because 'Munchkin' wasn't feeling so great.
We started off at the 'Pets Rule' show.  'Mister' was so good and slept in the carrier through the whole show.  Note: the new infant carrier that we ran out to get because my favorite Moby wrap was covered in the blowout from the day at the zoo.

After the show, we stopped by to see the Sea Lions. 

'Munchkin' was feeling worse and started to spike a fever.

'The Boy' begged us to buy fish so he could feed the sea lions and then chickened out when he felt how slimy they were.

He sure did love watching them.  He stayed in the same spot while 'The Hubs' and I alternated bathroom breaks, bought snacks and thought of a game plan.
'Munchkin' was burning up and so sleepy and almost lethargic. She was getting worse so we weren't sure if we would be able to stay any longer.  We were thinking about driving home to take her to the pediatrician but I suggested we make a quick stop at the first aid station to see if there was a nurse on duty. 
We have never been to first aid at any amusement park.  We are usually pretty good about keeping our kiddos home when they are sick.  But we were on vacation and thankfully, Sea World had a two EMTs and a nurse practitioner on duty.  They were so sweet to our girl.  They took her temperature (101!), checked her ears (not infected), gave her some Tylenol and told us to come back to have her reevaluated. 
We went to hang out in the freezing Penguin Encounter until her fever broke.  It did the trick.  She was still tired and not herself but we decided to make the best of the day. 


A few hours later, she was all smiles.  Especially when one of her dreams came true.

 Meeting Elmo and Zoe made her day!

She even enjoyed a little play time at the Bay of Play.

I climbed up and down and in and out of this crazy obstacle course with 'The Boy'.

He had a blast!
'Munchkin' took a nap while 'The Boy' went on some rides.  When she woke up she was feverish again.  So we went back to first aid and the nurse gave her another dose of Tylenol.  That helped her get through the rest of the night.  We were able to stay to watch 'Shamu Rocks' and the fireworks.