Sunday, September 30, 2012

Backyard Movie Bash

Ask an almost five year old what kind of birthday party he wants and be prepared to have him change his mind a whole bunch of times.  First, it was a camping party.  "Oh, Mommy!  I love going camping!  I want a camp out in my back yard for my birthday party!"  Then, it turned into a backyard movie party, which I thought was perfect because 'The Boy' loves movies and everything about going to see them.  He was pretty settled on that but the movie he wanted for the theme kept changing.  Until one day, and several hundred useless pins later, I said that's are having a Lorax party!

The kids had been watching the movie on repeat for weeks and he said it was his favorite movie.  It turned out to be perfect and possibly the most fun party we have ever thrown.

  'The Boy' had so much fun helping me make his birthday banner and truffula trees for the drink table.

Our yard, all decked out in truffulas.

We had a little painting project for the kids.  They all painted a flower pot to take home with flower seeds. 

Craft time was a bit chaotic but that's the way it is.

The kids ate dinner picnic style.

How adorable are these truffula tree cupcakes?

Happy birthday to you!

Great Grammy snuggled a sleeping 'Mister'.

Present time!

Testing out hisnew golf clubs.

Then, it was movie time!  We weren'y so sure about the set up but it worked out just great!

All the kiddos and their popcorn!

Such a magical movie!
I had guests sign brithday messages in our copy of The Lorax book.  This is what his friend Kaelyn wrote.  So cute!
It was such a great party and 'The Boy' was thank you, thank you thank you-ing us for days.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday

'The Boy's' fifth birthday was on a Wednesday.  Wednesday is not my favorite day for a birthday but we made it special nonetheless.  We woke up extra early and I sung him 'Happy Birthday' before he got out of bed.  I have been doing that since his very first birthday.  'The Hubs' was out of town the night before so I made a special little breakfast celebration before school.

I decorated with balloons hanging from the ceiling...

...and I made him a birthday place mat.
He enjoyed a pancake stack with sprinkles (his favorite), blew out a candle and made a wish.

Just in case you didn't know how old he was.

Then, we sent him off to school where they sang 'Happy Birthday' and he got to wear a special birthday crown.  Parents aren't allowed to bring treats in for the class.  Oh, well. 

Gigi and I picked him up and took him to meet 'The Hubs' at Red Robin (his favorite) for lunch.  He ate mac and cheese and didn't share one bite of his ice cream sundae. 

'The Hubs' took the little kids home and Gigi and I took him shopping...

...and to see a movie.

We saw Finding Nemo in 3D.  It was his first 3D movie and he wore his glosses for about half of the show.  It's his birthday...he can do what he wants to.

He had such a great 5th birthday.  He didn't even mind that he didn't get to open presents that day.  We had a huge party lined up for the weekend. 

I still can't believe that our baby is 5!  Time is flying! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My sweet 'Boy',

You are five today!  Five!  An age that you have been anticipating for the last two months ("am I five yet?") and one that I just cannot believe is here.  Every year, not only do we celebrate your birthday but the day Mommy and Daddy became parents.  That makes it just a little extra special for us.

At five years old you are...


You love giving hugs and kisses, snuggling, and you tell me, "Mommy, we are in love".  When you grow up, you want to marry Mommy.  You love your Daddy, too but you are definitely a "mommy's boy".  You love your sister and hate when it's her nap time.  You dance with her, snuggle her, hug her and get very upset when she doesn't let you.  You are so sweet to your brother, too.  You are always looking out for him and you climb in his crib to play with him when he wakes up in the morning. 


You love Legos, super heros, playing dress up, playing dolls with you sister (please don't be mad at me for saying that someday).  You're favorite thing to play is a game called honey- you are the Dad and I am the kid.  We play for hours.  You love wrestling with Daddy and beg him to play with you as soon as he walks in the door from work.  You love watching movies quote them all the time.  And you love, love, love to sing! You stand in front of the fire place with you microphone and announce that "it's showtime everyone".  Your favoirte song to perform is 'It's a Small World'.


You love arts and crafts!  We have a cabinet in which we keep all things crafty and you are constantly getting into it.  You ask me daily if there is a project for us to do and your favorite thing about kindergarten is making paper bag puppets.  You also love taking pictures with your camera and videos on my IPhone. 


You know how to use an Ipad better than I do and I imagine that you'll be teaching me new apps here soon.  You are one of three kids in your class of 27 who can read and you love learning.  You are so curious about the world and want to know everything about everything.  We call you our little sponge because you soak up everthing that you hear and never forget it.


You have the best sense of humor and tell us the silliest jokes.  You have no idea what a pun is but you spill them out of your mouth constantly.  You comedic timing is impecible.  And you have the silliest little giggle that can't help but make everyone around you laugh along with you.

You are just the greatest five year old we know and we are so proud that you are our son!  We love you so very much, sweet boy!

Mommy and Daddy

Monday, September 24, 2012

At seven Months

Little 'Mister',

    You are not so little anymore!  You have grown so much in the last month.  You are 19 pounds...19!  That's a lot for Mommy to carry around all day.  And you love for me to carry you all day long.
     You are growing in other ways, too.  I absolutely love watching you discover new things; the necklace I wear every day, my IPhone, you brother and sister's toys.  You have started sitting up on your own and I just know you'll be crawling for all of their stuff very soon.

You have been sleeping pretty well for us.  Several naps throughout the day and only occasionally getting up at night. You have had a rough go with teething this month and that has kept you up at night.  So much drooling and fussing at night but still no teeth.  Hang in there, monkey.  They'll be in soon.

You are an eating machine.  You love to eat.  You have tried a lot of new foods this month and haven't objected to much.  Kale, spinach, chicken, avocado.  You name it.  You love your bottle.  I imagine you will the toughest kid to get off the bottle when it's time.

You are so snuggable and loving.  You started giving us the most drooly open mouth kisses.  We love them as messy as they are.

We have toted you around everywhere this month.  Mommy started Bible study again and now you are big enough to hang out in the childcare room.  I was hoping that you would be sad to see me go but you love your babysitters and playing with the other kids.

You still don't say mama yet but I'm not holding it against you.  Everything is dadadada or buh-buh.  You are certainly vocal, though.  If the other kids are getting to noisy, you scream and squawk for their attention. 

We love you, our little monkey!