Sunday, May 30, 2010

Getting Older...Again.

Happy Birthday to me! I am 31 years old today. There's nothing fun about saying that. It's kind of a blah age. Honestly, it doesn't even feel like my birthday. I'm not sure if it is due to my current focus being entirely on getting ready for 'The Baby' or that now I'm at that age where I'd rather ignore my increasing number. Either way, I had a great weekend. (My birthday has always lasted a weekend long because I have so many people to celebrate with and it often falls on or around Memorial Day.) All that I wanted to do was relax and enjoy some time with my friends and family. And that is just what I did.

The day before my actual birthday, Mariel and Monica came down from the OC to visit. They took me to lunch at the Yardhouse and to see Sex and the City 2. I don't care what people say about this movie. I loved it! Nothing is funnier than Liza Minelli singing and dancing in hot pants to "All the Single Ladies".

This morning, I got to sleep in (Amen) and I just relaxed around the house before my family came over for dinner. My Mom and 'The Hubs' made a yummy Mexican dinner and I just enjoyed every one's company. Thanks everyone for hanging out with me and my out of sorts child (he had a bit of a rough day).

Doing what I do best...resting!

'The Boy' before the start of his evening full of meltdowns.

My cutie pie nephew, Cade.

My brother and 'The Hubs' with their serious faces.
I swear that there was about 5 minutes of discussion on how they were going to pose for this photo.

Me and 'The Baby' relaxing again.

Yummy cake. 'The Hubs' said that he was going to get 31 candles for the cake to which I kindly reminded him that, in my current state, I didn't have the lung capacity to extinguish that sort of fire.

Calli and Trever waiting for cake. I think this is Trever's 'Rock Star' face.

So happy with my honey.

Me and 'The Boy' between, I think, meltdowns #3 and #4.

Me and my Mom.

Thanks for all my wonderful gifts. I got this new Flip video and a Nikon 3000 DSLR camera. Now I won't miss a minute of my kiddos, meltdowns and all.


PB∧Janelle-e said...

So I am still jealous of your electronics! We had a great time celebrating your birthday!! :)

The Johnson's said...

You are so funny! I am just excited to do lunch without kiddos :)!