Friday, July 3, 2009

Ahhh, Beaches!

We arrived at Beaches resort at about 1:00 pm and can I just say that it was HOT! The staff took our luggage and greeted us with cold towels and Rum Punch. 'The Boy' had fun touching every apple in a centerpiece before picking one to take a single bite out of. We were escorted to Guiseppe's, a French buffet, for lunch and when we were done, 'The Boy' played in a fountain until our room was ready for us.

We stayed in the French Village, in a luxury walkout room. It was not bad and the bed was super comfy (this is a big deal overseas). They provided 'The Boy' with a full size crib and had our luggage sent to our room.

Our comfy bed

'The Boys' accomodations

This day bed has a trundle and we almost considered letting 'The Boy' sleep on it until we saw how great the crib was.

Our little patio. The rooms above us didn't have balconies so we decided on the ground floor. We sat out here for all of 1 hour the whole trip.

After we settled in, 'The Boy' told us that he wanted to go to the 'beats'. So we put on our gear, and a ton of sunscreen, and heades to the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. The water was so much more clear than Cancun, which is the only place that I've been that is comprable.

'The Boy' played in the sand and the shallow part of the water (about 4 feet out) while 'The Hubs' and I drank our first round of the best Pina Coladas (Appleton Rum makes a world of difference).

We went to dinner at Schooners, a seafood restaurant, and watched the sun set from our table. We finished up the night with a few cocktails and some exploring. We also got 'The Boy' signed up at Camp Sesame for the following day. We went to bed early-we were all so tired! Can't wait to see what tommorow brings!

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