Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 6- Can You Tell Me How to Get Away From Sesame Street?

What an exhausting morning! We signed up (and payed extra) for the Character Breakfast. I thought that it would be so much fun for 'The Boy' to meet and eat with his "buddies". I had no idea how draining and annoying it would be for grown ups. In the words of Auntie Mariel, "I wanted to murder my body" for a variety of different reasons.
Reason #1: We had to stand in the HOT sun in a line to check-in/take pictures with Cookie Monster forever. 'The Hubs' was sweating big time and 'The Boy's' cheeks were all flushed.

'The Fam' with Cookie Monster

Reason #2: The breakfast was held in a dark restaurant and at least 100 kids attended. There was a DJ playing Sesame Street songs (cute) and before the characters made their grand entrance, she says "Please stay in your seats. The characters will come to see you". That went over really well.

Reason #3: Have you ever heard what a room of 100 plus kids sounds like when THE Elmo walks in the door?
Aside for the torture 'The Hubs' and I endured, it was very nice to see 'The Boy's' face light up when he got to meet all of his friends in person.

That's a happy face...I swear.

'The Boy's' new favorite. His furry pal, Grover.

With Ernie and Bert who was super tall in person ;).

Once the torture, I mean fun, was over, we went and got much deserved lattes and took 'The Boy' straight to Camp. We earned a grown up day, for sure.

I treated myself to a spa day. Actually Vacations To Go treated me thanks to a $250 room credit. I had a Tropical Bliss massage which was basically a Swedish massage that lasted 90 minutes. Ahhhh. It was by far the best massage I have ever had.

The Red Lane Spa

'The Hubs' checked out the gym and relaxed in the pool with a beer.

He was all smiles when I found him.

We were going to sit poolside for a bit but it started to rain. The two of us stopped at Cricketer's for lunch (remember, the good beer) and then checked on 'The Boy' (who was sleeping) before heading to the beach to kayak. What a good work out.

Ready to go. That's 'The Hubs'' hat. I forgot mine back at the room.

Actually having fun this time.

Being goofy with my arm blocking half the shot. I was so concerned about tipping over and had trouble turning around.

Meanwhile, at Camp, 'The Boy' enjoyed story time and pictures with his new pal.

We picked up 'The Boy' from Camp and took him to the water park. We played in the splash parka again and floated around the lazy river.

'The Hubs' and I went down the big water slide which was just as fun as I remember it being when I was a kid.

That night, we fed 'The Boy' and he went to Camp for a movie while the grownups had dinner at Kimono's, a Teppanyaki style grill. I took a long time but was a ton of fun.

Our chef, Taylor, posing for the paparazzi.

Our chef was fantastic and super fun. He kept saying his motto "that's what makes it...NICE!" which 'The Boy' got a kick out of the following day.

Dinner took so long that by the time we were finished, we had to pick up 'The Boy' and head back to get some sleep.

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