Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January. By, IPhone

I use my IPhone as a camera quite a bit.  At the end of the month, I need a photo dump of all random things Johnson. 

This is January.

This is how 'The Littles' rang in the New Year.  We were at Dane and Janelle's with 'The Hubs' family.  'Munchkin' was the last kid standing.  She crashed at 11:55.  She was so close!

'The Hubs' became a Professional Engineer.  In the state of Hawaii.  Don't ask.

'Munchkin' helped with the dishes...

...And walked around with a spinach 'stashe for most of the night.

We played Disney Princess kitchen...a lot.

Elton John?

 New Year's and nesting is a lethal combination.  I was organizing like ca-razy!

We finally tried out Texas Roadhouse.  It was pretty good.

 We ate out quite a bit.  I have not felt like cooking.  Can you blame me?

 Someone loves pudding!

 The infamous To Do Before Baby list went up on the fridge.

'The Boy' took a train ride at the mall out of sheer desperation to entertain him on my part.  Can you see him?

'Munchkin' played on the playground in the meantime.

 We busted out our restaurant style high chair so 'Munchkin' could sit at the table with the rest of us.  I cannot even begin to explain how great this high chair is.  We got it years ago form Pottery Barn Kids...not Denny's.

 'The Boy' made some serious train tracks with lots of tunnels.  Tunnels are all the thing right now. 

 'The Littles' played in this stroller box for hours!

Uncle Michael showed off his birthday present from us.  Best.Gift.Ever!


 She fell sound asleep on the floor in her room.  Too much tea party, I guess.

This girl gets into everything!

Family movie night...Mr Popper's Penguins.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

'Munchkin's' First Haircut

'Munchkin's' hair had gotten a little...funky.  She had a mullet that would not grow out and, even though I would miss little pigtails, I knew it was time to send her to the salon.  And by salon, I mean Sharkee's Cutz for Kids.  She was so excited when she walked in because she was going to get 'pitty'.  She also saw the display of hair clippies and bows and wanted to pull them all down.

She picked her special seat, a blue fighter jet.  The stylist (I use that term loosely) asked how I wanted her hair cut and I specifically ordered a layered bob.  I may be the only mom who marches in to a kid's salon and orders a grown up hair style for her 19 month old. 

Wispy, mullet hair.

She was such a good girl.  She didn't really like the spray bottle coming at her but she just sat there and watched 'Happy Feet'.

Not so sure about this, Mom!

Layered bob, and cute as a button

They even sprinkled glitter in her hair.  I think she looks adorable!  Thanks goodness that mullet is history!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Third Time's a Charmer

My sister-in-law, Janelle threw the baby and I our second shower.  This time with family and some friends.  The theme was 3rd time's a charm"er".  Every little detail was adorable.  Everything was charms...Lucky Charms, charms on necklaces, pictures of my 'Little Charmer'.  It was so creative and I had such a wonderful afternoon visiting with my family and friends.

First up, all of the details...

We had a hard time with choosing a middle name for our little man.  Janelle had been asking about it for a while.  I texted her the name a few days before the shower.

I love this game.  We each got a necklace with a little "L" charm on in it when we arrived and, in order to keep it, we couldn't say the words 'little', 'love' or 'Liam'.  I was doing pretty well until I started opening gifts.  Then, I started spitting them all out. 

 You would never believe how many were in the jar.  Over 400, I think.  I was way off.

Orange biggest craving!

 Such yummy food.  My other big craving...grapes!  I cannot get enough of them.

I just love these white chocolate dipped oreos.  I took some home and, this time, Johnny and I fought over these.

 36 weeks

Jen, Me and Marin...all pregnant!  Jen with her second and Marin and I with our third.

My sweet friend, Rosie and I.

 Me and Grandma Lynda and the moment I realized that I look bigger than I feel.  Haha!

We were showered with so much love!

 My mom made and prince charming diaper cake.

 Even though I just had a baby 18 months ago, I am still so amazed with all of the new stuff I didn't have.  Excited to try this one out.  Thanks, Lynda.

 Me and Robyn, my mother-in-law.

 My mom and I.

Thanks, again, Janelle.  Everything was beautiful!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Maternity Pics with Baby #3

It was cold and windy.  'The Littles' were not well behaved.  Yet, my friend Sarah, managed to make it beautiful.

 This is the happiest we will see 'The Littles' in this post.  They look thrilled, right?

 This just totally sums up my life right now.  As a Mommy, I just keep smiling through the good and the bad.

 Sad boy.  He did not like the wind.

 Trying to make 'Munchkin' smile.

One of my favorite photos of 'The Hubs' and I.

 Here we go again!

 After three pregnancies (and three maternity photo sessions) this is my most favorite picture of me and a babe.

Thank you, Sarah.