Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mission: Bathroom Makeover, Complete

'The Hubs' and I have been working on a makeover for the downstairs bathroom for months and we are happy to report that it is (finally) complete. It all started with the idea of giving our hardware a little lift and one thing led to another resulting in a complete head to toe makeover.

4 months later, several arguments, a few coats of paint and more cursing than I have heard out of my husband's mouth since his Navy days, we have finally achieved perfection (for now).

Hopefully, next year we will be able to afford the granite counter top that we just couldn't stomach shelling out the cash for right now.


The old towel rack that started it all.



A new mirror, faucet and buffed counter top.

(Don't mind the annoying glare from the light fixture or my hand and the camera peeking in from below.)

New brushed nickle shower curtain rod and wainscoting shelf. The picture is hung where the old ugly towel rack once resided.

Same cabinet with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.

New satin nickel faucet. 'The Hubs' was very proud of this one.

What's a Beach Cottage bathroom without a vase full of shells?

The toilet paper holder that (also) started it all.

New home for the towel rack. I still think that it is hung too high but 'The Hubs' says it stays that way.

Wainscoting shelf (stores toilet paper)

New artwork from Homegoods

A different view

Homemade built in shelf that took place of the standard medicine cabinet that came with the house. We got this idea from Dane and Janelle- thanks you guys! You saved us from a lifetime of tolerating the ugly medicine cabinet.

Another view.

We worked so hard on this project and for so long. Hope you all love it as much as we do!


Leslie said...

nice!! totally digging the wainscoting details. i'm thinking that you could find a taller vase or candle-something for on top of toilet to make up for too-high-hanging of the towel rack. hmmm...maybe not candles. might cause a burning down of the house. baaad.

Pinks the new Blue said...

so nice i love it all it looks so different.