Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 4- R and R and a little Park

We started off the morning at Mario's for breakfast ( I stopped for the lattes on the way). I hate buffets but I am getting used these chocolate croissants every morning. This time we walked around to see the characters.

'The Boy' and I with Big Bird in his full armour

'The Boy' and minstrel Elmo

Getting a bit obsessed with the water fountains

Today was a grown up day for 'The Hubs' and I so we headed over to Camp to drop 'The Boy' off for the day.

Another game of chess on the way there

♪ Can you tell me how to get?♪

The plan of the day

One of the rooms at Camp

'The Hubs' and I went to Cascades pool for the day. It was by far our favorite. We liked the other pools but this one had more of a Caribbean feel and had a heck of a lot more shade.

There was a hidden cave in the rocks that you could cool off in.

The swim-up bar

'The Hubs' lounging

Me in the pool

We lay by the pool, floated along on rafts, read the guiltiest of pleasures (at least I did) and drank way more coconut coolers than we needed to.


We ate at Arizona's for lunch and checked on the boy who was napping so, we went back to our cozy little pool and lounged some more. I think that this is about the time that I started to get attack by mosquitoes. I looked up from my book at one point a saw 4 welts on my left knee. (This was just the start of them. I went home with a total of 18.)

After we picked up 'The Boy' and got ready for the night, we strolled over to Cafe de Paris and had a pastry.

"Ooooo! Tweats!"

We realized that we had some time before the show so we took 'The Boy' to the playground. He loved it and we were surprised that the equipment wasn't burning hot.


"Knock, knock"

Checking out tomorrow's game plan with a new friend

We took 'The Boy' to the 'Dance with Me at Sesame' stage show. All of the kids were invited onstage to dance with Cookie Monster. He looked on for quite a while.

Just fine right here with "Buh-Buh"

We made an attempt but it was short lived.

'The Boy' found another fountain and that was the end of any interest in the show.

We dropped 'The Boy' off at Camp for the night and went out to Sushi for dinner. We loved the Spicy Conch Roll but the Volcano Roll was truly like a volcano in my mouth. It was on fire forever.

Volcano roll on the far right- ouch!

Finished up the night at Turtles before collecting our precious cargo and heading off to bed.

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