Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Happenings

So much happened this February...visit to the dentist and no cavities for both kids, the 100th day of school, potty training, first time donut eating and the most beautiful rainbow right outside our window.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

'Mister's' Birthday

It hardly ever works out that a birthday falls on a convenient day to have a big ole bash.  That is why we celebrate what is lovingly and annoyingly referred to by my family as "Birthday Week".  I think birthdays are such a big deal and I love treating 'The Littles' to crazy birthday shenanigans.  Their birthday's are the anniversary of the greatest moments in my life and I like to celebrate the heck out of them!

'Mister's' birthday fell on a Sunday so we had his big bash the day before.  Sunday morning, we introduced him to our family birthday tradition- a happy birthday serenade in bed.  Then we got everyone ready and met up with Gigi, Pop and Uncle Michael at IHOP for breakfast.  I made him wear a birthday hat.  He hated it.

 We all ate pancakes, colored menus and gabbed about how much fun the party was.

 The staff at IHOP was so wonderful and just loved our cute little monkey.  They sung 'Happy Birthday' (which 'Mister' wasn't so sure about) and brought him his birthday sundae (which he loved).

Yup...definitely enjoyed that sundae! 
We went home, took much needed naps and then spent the afternoon playing with all of 'Mister's' gifts.

He loves his new ride!
Happy birthday, monkey.  We hope you enjoyed your birthday week.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Little 'Mister's' Mustache Bash

 Shortly after 'Mister' was born (like three months!) I picked the theme for his first birthday party.  I was so excited because I knew I had a good one...and I was right.  This was my favorite party to date!  What better way to celebrate our little 'Mister's' first birthday than with a mustache bash?

Our new birthday wreath.  I plan on changing out the number and using it for each of the kids birthdays.  I may even hang it on grown up birthdays too...just minus the number. 

One last little smash cake.


These were so much fun.
I made chocolate mustache lollipops for party favors.  Thanks to 'The Boy' for his strategic train placement.

'Mister' loved the balloons on the floor which is great because I couldn't find any helium for the party.  Apparently there is a world wide shortage...who knew?

We set up a little mock photo booth so our guests could take pictures with the birthday boy.  Complete with silly props and everything.

There's the handsome birthday boy.
I love that these guys grew mustaches just for the big day.  I do believe that they were all shaved off by the next morning.

'The Boy' loved his party 'stache and chocolate pretzel cigar.

We tried to draw a mustache on 'Mister' but he wasn't very cooperative.
Our party people...

Thanks for bringing your puppy Grandma!

My most favorite part of the party was snapping these pics at the photo booth...


And then it was cake time.  And you know how we feel about baby's first cake!

I totally made his party hat and I am totally bragging about how awesome it turned out.


He was slow to dig into his little cake.

He eventually got the hang of it.

And he even shared.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to 'Mister's' mustache bash.  We love you so much little 'Mister'.  Happy, happy first birthday to you.