Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 7- Our Days Are Numbered

On our last full day in Turks and Caicos, I decided to torture my family by treating them to a family portrait session in the sweltering heat. You're welcome, boys. Aside from sweating it out on the beach in clothing and trying to keep 'The Boy' from running into the ocean with his clothes on, we got some pretty good shots.

'The Boy' in one of the beautiful gardens

Way up high!

Mommy's Boy

After my family forgave me, we spent the remainder of the morning on the beach and headed to the water park just before lunch where. We ate hot dogs by the pool and took 'The Boy' down the water slide "again, again,again".

One more lap around the lazy river

We took 'The Boy' to Camp for his nap and went to our favorite pool to relax for a bit. We drank a few more coconut coolers and lounged in the sun long enough to get our first sunburns of the trip.

We went to the beach for a bit and swam in the water and chatted with a few other guests. We found that many people were on their 3rd or 4th return visit and bring their families here every year.

We picked up 'The Boy' and took him for one last swim at the Italian Village Pool. He stood at the swim up bar and had a virgin pina colada. Someone is going to be a little bummed that there is no "special juice" at home.

We took 'The Boy' to Giuseppe's for dinner before dropping him off at Camp for the night. Then, 'The Hubs' and I had one final walk on the beach and watched one final perfect sunset.

'The Hubs' in a hammock

On the pier for the sunset

We had sushi for dinner and ended our night at, you guessed it, Turtles. We picked up 'The Boy', who was fast asleep, and went back to the room to pack.

We loved Beaches so much! We talked about it the whole way home and can't wait to go back. We are planning for spring 2011. Everything about this vacation exceeded our expectations and we highly recommend it to our friends and family with children.

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Pinks the new Blue said...

megan those are such great pics i love them tyler looks so big i cant believe it that beach is so beautiful... looks like you had the time of your life .. good for you guys.