Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness

It was a rough one...we were all sick for most of it.  But we had a few good days...

...'Munchkin' pulled her self up to stand...

...and worked really hard to perfect that skill...

...we made the best of being sick by logging in way too many TV hours...

...but the sunshine in our souls came back...

...we had a super yummy family breakfast...

...ate way too many biscuits...

...and didn't save room for pancakes...

...drew a self portrait...'The Boy', not me...

...played nice...

...and sweet...

...and somehow became a serious Daddy's girl...

...March gave us sickness on its way in but left us with smiles on its way out.

Happy Birthday, Hubs!

We celebrated the rest of 'The Hubs' birthday at Pala Casino.  I'm sure by now you have realized that this is a favorite spot.  My step-mom loves it there and that is where she stays when she comes to visit us.  'The Boy' calls it "Grandma's house" because he hasn't been to her real house since he was a baby.  (The last time I was there was the day of my Dad's funeral.  I kind of like our new adopted Grandma's house much better.)

We went there to celbrate poolside but the weather was not in our favor.  We toughed it out and thankfully, those cabanas block a lot of wind.  We had a nice visit with family and the usual, lunch, song and cake.  And gifts for the kids, of course.  So spoiled. 

Happy Birthday, Hubs!

{New Castle is his you know.}

Monday, March 28, 2011

At 9 Months

Dear 'Munchkin',

Nine months and counting!  You have changed so much in one month.  I am beginning to feel my little baby slipping away as you grow.  You no longer want to be rocked or cuddled to sleep.  You hardly ever want to be picked want to be able to move!  And move you do.  You have got the army crawl down and it is taking you places.  I am sure you'll figure out how to crawl on your hands and knees soon and, when you do, we are going to be in trouble.  You started pulling yourself up on anything and you love standing up like a big girl.  You open and close cabinet doors (sometimes on your fingers) and Mommy and Daddy had to baby proof the house real fast.  You are a bit of a dare devil.  You love wrestling with Daddy, spinning with Mommy and hanging from the furniture. 

'Munchkin' you are still a petite little princess weighing in at 17 lbs., 7 oz.  Dr. H. made a point to us at your check up that you are growing just fine (42nd percentile) but you will need to stay in your rear facing car seat after your first birthday and will likely need to continue with formula as well.  You have started eating many different foods and are pretty much over anything pureed.  You love pancakes, meatballs, pasta, quesadillas, and puffs.

You have definitely found your voice this month.  You squeal and scream and say a few words: na-na (bottle), Da-die (Daddy) Gi-Gi, hi, hey and you snort and sniff when you really want something.  No ma-ma yet but I'm not holding it against you.  I know you'll say it soon.

We love you little girl and we love watching you grow!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

31 is the New 21

 It all started in mid-January when 'The Hubs' casually started talking about plans for his upcoming birthday.  He wanted to do something big because, and I quote, "you kind of screwed up my 30th birthday."  In all fairness, I was too pregnant and sick to throw a party or surprise him with a trip like he did for me.  All I could muster up was a small family party with a grocery store bought cake.

I think he was hinting at a mini vacation but, I took it as a dare.  I planned for two and a half months and ended up throwing him the greatest surprise party ever.  And, best of all, he had no idea!  I'm not gonna lie because I am horrible at it.  That is why this night will go down in history as the greatest thing that I have ever pulled off in my lifetime.  There were a couple of close calls but, I did it.  For the first time, I kept my big mouth shut.  I was never worried about anyone else giving up the jig.  Just me.  Mission: accomplished.

That Saturday morning, I got mildly upset and totally annoyed that he was going out for a 'guys day' with my step-dad and step-brother.  I was all, "you haven't been home all week but, sure, have a guys day...jerk."  I'd like to thank the academy and I'll pick up my award on the way out.  As soon as he left for a day at the driving range/sushi bar/movie theater, my sneaky mom and my step-brother's girlfriend (who were idling in the parking lot of the apartment complex down the street) pulled up with the goods and we went to work.

And work it was.  But my hard working man deserved it.  So, without further adieu...

...'The Hubs' Casino Night...

I had a little sweets table and decorated it with playing cards.  I made the table runners while he was on business in Hawaii.

Lucky fortune cookies.

The yummiest red velvet cake we have ever had.  It had chocolate chip cream cheese filling.

Chocolate covered marshmallow pops that were supposed to be standing up in a container.  That's a long story.

The booze table.

Cheers from a previously drunk Johnny...we saw him again at the end of the night.

We gave lottery tickets as party favors.  I am still waiting to hear if anyone won big.

A huge thanks to my hard workers, Mom and Lisa.  I could not have pulled this off without you two.

Prizes for the raffle at the end of the night.

Things got a little out of hand just before the surprise.  We were running a bit behind and had our guests helping out right up until the big moment.   Our neighbor, Tony...we may never see this side of him again.

'The Hubs' best friend, Ricky, who he hadn't seen in two years, just got stationed in San Diego and was able to make it.  He actually had come to San Diego from Guam a few weeks before but never called 'The Hubs' to let him know he was back in town.  Sneaky, sneaky.

Waiting for the birthday boy.

Where's Daddy?


'The Boy' was so excited for the party and practiced yelling "surprise" all day.

'The Hub's' chatting with his best friend from college, Tyler.  He hadn't seen him in ages.

Let the gaming begin!

Texas Hold 'Em



 It was absolutely freezing that night.  And, of course, it had been hot as all heck the weekend before.  Figures.

Everyone got in on the jello shots.  It felt like college again.

'The Hubs' is still not a huge fan.

Winner, winner.  This is my stack that stayed on red for a half an hour while I went around being a good hostess.  My winning streak ended when Tyler dared to touch my chips.  Thanks a lot!

At the end of the night, everyone turned in their chips for tickets and we raffled off prizes.

This is where things got crazy.  I swear, they are on the phone with each other.

Then, 'The Hubs' and his brother, drunk of course, peed on my retaining wall.  I hosed it down first thing the next morning. 

I wish I had pictures of what happened next but, it just happened so fast.  On minute, 'The Hubs' was up and the next minute, he was going down.  Thanks to Steve for catching him as he passed out instead of letting him crack his head open on the tile.  What's a birthday party without passing out at the end of the night. 

Thanks, again, to everyone who came out and celebrated my hubby's birthday.  It was, by far, the best birthday party ever!

The next morning...

Hangovers are hard when you're a parent.

Happy Birthday, baby!  I love you so much and am so glad you had such a wonderful day.