Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh, January... brought us a new year with the promise of all thing new and exciting.  We made one resolution: simply to concentrate on our little family.  2010 was quite the busy year and in 2011, we want to take thing slow.  We started out pretty good...

...took a ride in a bucket...

...slept through a bad cold (every single one of us got knocked down at the same time!)...

 ...enjoyed a little too much rough housing...

 ...took a bike ride on a sunny day...

 ...gave kisses...

 ...recovered from dental surgery...

 ...donned some new jewels... showered with love...just because...


 ...took a nap in the car...

 ...watched fireworks in our pj's...

 ...brought home a new friend...

 ...goofed off... crafty...

...and just loved being our family of four.

Thanks, January, for the memories.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 'The Boy' started preschool.  It was exciting, overwhelming and emotional all at the same time.  And that was just me.  I felt like a kid in the candy store when we toured his new learning facility and giddily filled out paper after paper in the admissions packet.  I have never been so excited for my child to reach a milestone in my life.  I can't believe that I have such a big boy.

He was pretty excited, too...

I just looove this picture!

 He walked to the classroom so confidently.

 He walked right in and never turned around to look at me again.  (I love how the other kids are looking at me like, 'why is that lady taking pictures?")

Pretty sure the reason he never turned around was because he had an agenda.  Straight to the train table!

I cried the whole way home.  When we got home, I was all excited to have one on one time with 'Munchkin' and she fell asleep within a half an hour of being home.  I literally sat on the floor and stared into the quietness of my house wondering what I should do for about a half an hour.  Eventually, I took a shower without any interruptions.  It was brilliant.  I love preschool!

He had a great first week and he just adores his teacher, Miss Sonia.  I think he may have a tiny crush on her. He even brought home a letter 'N' cover in newspaper cutouts and a lamb covered in cotton balls that he glued all by himself.  I cried.  I know, I know.  I am just so proud.  I'll try harder to contain myself when he's in high school but I can't promise anything.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At Seven Months

Dear Munchkin,

You are growing so fast!  I can't believe that we are already in the second half of your first year of life.  You are Mommy and Daddy's sunshine and you make us laugh and smile throughout every day.  You did not have a well baby visit this month so we will wait and see how big you are actually getting in a few months.  You are wearing size three diapers and you're all over the board in clothing size.  I official put away the 0-3 month clothes recently but you are still squeezing into 3-6 months as well as 6 months.  Your shoe size is a two.  This important information because you are a girl after your Mommy's love shoes!  Picking them out, playing with them, eating them, tapping your feet on the floor when you wear them.

You sit up so well on your own now and you're so close to crawling.  You lay on your belly and bounce your face and hips into the floor but you haven't gotten anywhere yet.  You are grabbing anything in your reach and putting it straight in your mouth...even your brother's toys.  Anytime you grab something of his, he takes it from you and says, "no, no, sister".  You added "mama" and "hey" to your vocabulary and grunt when you want something.  You've also started to protest when we take something form you.

You have expanded your culinary likes to puffs, yogurt, yogurt melts, cheese puffs and you love mum mums.  You love sitting in your highchair when we are eating and you were introduced to a sippy cup though it was not successful.

We have been out and about this month and you will smile at anybody that gives you the time of day.  We took you to see Dr. H. because you had a terrible cold.  You were pretty miserable but you kept smiling through it all.  You had some vaccinations this month and your brother called you "boo-boo girl" all week.  We have all picked up on it but it got shortened to "boo girl" and often just "boo".

We love you, our sweet smiley girl and look forward to what next month will bring.

Sunny Days

We've had some crazy weather for January.  I am loving it!  How lucky we are to live in Southern California, where the sun (most) always shines.  In all honesty, this is why we live here.  While 'The Hubs' would love to live somewhere that he can experience four seasons,  I am perfectly content to bask in the sun year round. 
Of course, we cannot be couped up when the sun is smiling down on us and my kids love any excuse to go to the playground.   We were so thankful for beautiful weekend weather so our Daddy could join in the fun.
Hey, cutie!

Oh, my goodness!

This looks all sweet and innocent but 'The Boy' is actually trying to push 'Munchkin' off of Daddy's lap so that he can swing with him.

Making "muzit".

This was her first time swinging at the playground.  She loved it!

Love these little piggies!


Flyin' high.

Thank you, sun for coming out to play with us.  You are welcome here any time.   And all of the time if you'd like.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cowboy Up

'The Hub's' sister, Jen, was pregnant with her first baby.  A boy...Delton Ryan.  Janelle and Jen's mom threw the cutest western themed baby shower for her.  It was such a nice afternoon and I got to leave the kiddos behind because they were both sick.  The details were adorable and the picnic lunch was delish!

The picnic lunch table.

A close up of the yummy food.

The diaper cake Janelle made.  So cute!  And adorable little cowboy boots, of course.

The proud mama-to-be.

'The Hub's' cousin, Jocelyn, and little Nolan.

Jen and Delton were certainly well taken care of.

Miss Natalie helped open all of the gifts.

 We finished off the afternoon with a few games and these super yummy s'mores cupcakes.

Jen had to cowboy up (and I mean it...she was in labor forever) just ten days later.  My newest nephew arrived a little earlier than expected.  Thanks for letting us party before your arrival, little man.

 Delton Ryan, born January 18th at 12:06 AM; 6 lbs. 14 oz., 18 in.

'The Hubs' cuddling his new nephew.

Congrats Jen and Paul and welcome baby Delton.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome, 2011!

 Someone's ready to party!

Or go to bed!

Our friends Bobby and Jessica, hosted a family NYE party at their house.  Such a great idea...grown up party downstairs and kid party upstairs.  I haven't stayed awake to see midnight in a long time so it was definitely a struggle to keep from falling asleep on their cozy couch. 

The girls...and Wayde.

 Watching the ball drop.

We left shortly after the clock struck midnight.  Our tired kids were still awake and we all need to get sleep.  We had to get up early to get ready for our 1st Annual New Year's Day Brunch.  We were all pretty tired and next year we'll start it a bit later.  I didn't take a bunch of pictures because, well, I was pooped.

 I made this delicious caramel apple cheesecake again.

 Natalie was pooped, too.

Uncle Dane won the prize for most hungover.  I'm pretty sure he slept behind those sunglasses for the entire party. 

That's Uncle Dane sleeping again.

It was a nice relaxing party and a great way to start off 2011 with family and friends.

Happy New Year!