Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 5- A Beaches Day

We started today out at the beach (after breakfast at a buffet, of course). We hadn't spent a ton of time there and thought that we should soak it up considering it was by far more beautiful than any beach back home.

Absolutely crystal clear and bright turquoise!

'The Boy' stayed with us today and he had such a blast. There is just something about watching your child experience so much joy in something he has never seen, felt, heard or, ahem, tasted before. His eyes were wide with delight (and a salty sea water surprise) the entire morning.

He ran right in to the ocean here. It was warm and calm unlike the scary, cold one we have at home. He stole other kids toys to play with (and got a lesson in stealing/sharing), swam with Daddy and Mommy, and played photographer with our water camera.

Look at how clear that water is!!!

Say "cheese"!

We stayed at the beach for a few hours, soaking up the sun and then hit the wood fire pizza grill nearby. 'The Boy' and 'The Hubs' threw back a couple of cold ones and I tried to stay in the smallest sliver of shade for the meal.

Best buddies

'The Boy' entertained himself while waiting (40 minutes) for our food by playing with his new pal, "Buggy". He let "Buggy" crawl from hand to hand for a bit and then let it crawl onto the table. "Careful, pal. Don't squish him" I can remember saying as 'The Boy' pinched it to it's death. Thankfully, the pizza arrived right after the bug demolition.

'The Boy' and the now deceased "Buggy". Rest in peace little guy. Sorry, but you didn't stand a chance.

After lunch, we went back to the room and all took a nap. Baking in the Caribbean humidity sure is hard work.

When our snooze was done, we splashed round the water park for a few until it closed for the night. Then we soaked in the French Village pool and 'The Boy' had his first strawberry daiquiri. "Mmmmm. Strawbee, strawbee, strawbee."

That night we saw yet another Sesame Street stage show. 'The Boy' stood before the staged and starred at Elmo and Zoe as they sang The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

Showing off where all of his cookies go.

We fed 'The Boy' dinner and dropped him off at Camp for a movie. Then, 'The Hubs' and I had a delicious French dinner at the adults only Le Petite Chateau. Pretty good food and a nice quiet environment. Still looking forward to the escargot on the cruise because these were mediocre in comparison.

The waiter took our picture and said, "Now one with a French Kiss." we looked at him like he was speaking Greek partially because we couldn't understand his accent and partly because we had almost forgotten what this was.

We rounded out the night with a photo shoot of the gorgeous sunset and a few drinks at Turtles, of course.

It was overcast but magical.

Only 2 days left. I can't believe that this vacation is speeding by so quickly!

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