Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 2 in Paradise

We woke up this morning early (already on East Coast time) and went straight to Mario's for breakfast. I hate buffets but this one wasn't too bad and it was easier to get around 'The Boy's' allergies this way. ( I had contacted the head chef about his food allergies before we arrived and was assured that it would be no problem.)

Mmmm, "Chee-o's"

After breakfast, we took 'The Boy' over to Camp Sesame to see how he'd like it. No problem there. He ran off and played right away and hardly looked at us when we said goodbye. We signed him up to eat lunch with his counselors and told the staff our plans.

Ahhh, alone time. 'The Hubs' and I never thought that we would have alone time like this on our family vacation. I felt a little bit guilty about leaving 'The Boy' in daycare on vacation but, not that guilty.
We started off at the French Village pool right outside our room. We found a little cabana and set up shop. 'The Hubs' read his fishing magazine and I dove into Stori Telling but it wasn't too long before we were so hot that we needed to jump into the pool. We spnet a while lounging on the pool rafts and drinking Pina Coladas at the swim-up bar.
Our cabana

Lounging in the pool

'The Hubs' and 'The Megs'

After a while, 'The Hubs' got hungry and we headed over to The Cricketers for lunch. It was a quaint British pub (Turks is a British Overseas Territory) that had good beer and delicious fish and chips.


After lunch, we went to Camp to pick up 'The Boy' with plans to take him to the poool. He was asleep and had been for a hlaf and hour. We decided to go snorkeling at the beach for an hour.

'The Hubs'

Obligitory sandy toes pic

The snorkeling was not so great. We couldn't find the coral reef and the masks we were using were not the best. We saw a couple of fish but mostly just schools of shad.

Not a happy snorkeler

We went back to Camp to get 'The Boy' who was still asleep and headed to Iguana's pool for a drink at the swim-up bar.

We wnet back to Camp for a third time and 'The Boy' was finally awake. We decided to take him to the Italian pool for a swim. The kiddie pool there was so fun. 'The Boy' loved the dolphin fountains and kept runnign under them and laughing.


That night we took 'The Boy' to the Sesame Street stage show. He just watched fo a bit, not sure what to make of it. Then I took him out of his stroller and let him dance on a chair and he got so into it- dancing and clapping. We took him to dinner at Bobby D's for chicken nuggets and fires before heading back to Camp for the night.

Stoppoing for a "game" of chess

A family shot

'The Hubs' and I went to check out the sunset and ate dinner at Arizona's (southwest food). We had a couple drinks at Kelly's bar in the Italian Village before picking up 'The boy' and heading to the room for bed.

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