Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sea World

We took Tyler to Sea World last weekend and he had a blast! I mean come on, it's where Elmo lives. Of course he loved it. You wouldn't know it was Sea World by the pictures because we hung out in the Bay of Play most of the time. There is a 4D show for kids with the Sesame Street characters in it and Tyler loves S.S. so we took him too it. He found it very frightening when the seat in front of him spit water and air in his face. Apparently not for children after all. Enjoy the pictures of our cutie.

Monday, August 18, 2008

House Before

Ahh, our work in progress. Her are some before photos of our humble abode. Afters to come shortly.

Our dining room or Tyler's first playroom. It has

since moved upstairs

Our living room and all the stuff we decided we

didn't want to keep after storing it for a year.

The front of the house and all the weeds. You should see the back yard.

The ugly orange wall in the master bedroom. Also, one of two painted walls in the house. The other, in the office, also ugly orange.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Beach Day

We went to Oceanside yesterday for Tyler's first beach day. For a 10 month old, beach day means beach hour or two. Tyler loved the sand until he rubbed it in his eye and ate a fistful of it and even then he collected himself for a minute and kept on playing in it. He also enjoyed the fine cuisine of seaweed. The ocean itself was a different story. Perhaps I should have eased him into it instead of plopping him down on the sand for an incoming wave. He was terrified, cling onto us for dear life. Johnny did some bodyboarding but, the waves were not so good. 2 hours after we arrived, someone got super tired and that was the end of our beach adventure. Alas, I am still finding sand in Tyler's crack. Another day, another time, we will try again.