Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November to Remember

Aside from spending date night in the Emergency Room, November had us busy...

...'The Hubs' started work on a Laundry Room makeover for me...

...'The Boy' fell in love with his train table all over again when we moved it into the playroom...

...This one just got even cuter...

...these guys treated me and washed the dishes one night...

...'The Boy' let us know what he is thankful for...

...'Munchkin' got a park play date with Mommy all to herself...

...we took the kids to the pet shop on a rainy afternoon and got lucky to leave without and animal...

...spent the morning coloring in our jammies...

...and she worked on making a grocery list... a little tangled up...yes, I took his picture before I helped him... the stomach flu...first her...

...then him four days later...

...and pranced around in some new shoes. were an eventful one.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We had a small Thanksgiving this year.  Just us four with Gigi and Pop.  I was kind of bummed at first because I love putting together a huge feast but when it came down to it, small was just what we needed.  This Mommy has been getting tired and all that preparation would have been way too much.

The night before, I started a brine for the turkey and lined up apples to make a gala apple pie.  About an hour later, I put the apples back in the fruit bowl and called my mom to ask her to bring dessert.

I had good intentions.

We set the turkey in one of the kids plastic toy bins to brine overnight.  It was cleaned very well beforehand.  I give myself a gold star for being so resourceful.

My new centerpiece for the dining room table.

The table all set and ready.  I need to get pretty Thanksgiving dinnerware for next year.  Our wedding china just doesn't go as well as I had planned.

I went through all of the pictures on my camera and cannot believe that this is all that I had taken.  There aren't even any people in them! 

All that matters, I guess, is that we had a great dinner.  The turkey was so good, and Paula Deen's sausage stuffing did not disappoint.  And, I had plenty of time to prepare for my Black Friday shopping trip while the boys did the dishes.  Not a bad holiday if I do say so myself.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Nosebleed Saga

(If you are squeamish about blood, you may want to skip this one.  ER pics are coming up.)

Let me start out by saying, that this pregnancy hadn't been so bad.  Beside some awful morning sickness in the beginning, I was feeling really good.  I had tons of energy, was keeping up with the kids and slept like a baby every night. 

Then, one day, we started going downhill.  I went to the mall alone and had the most peaceful afternoon shopping for maternity clothes.  On the way home, and out of nowhere, my nose started bleeding and would not stop.  Let me tell you how I feel about seeing my own blood...I freak out!  I had to pull over to sit and apply pressure before I could start driving again.  And I was sobbing.  

When I got home, I called Dr D.'s office and they said to go to the ER if it didn't stop in 20 minutes.  It stopped in 10.  Throughout the rest of the week, I got a few minor nosebleeds out of nowhere.  I thought it was nothing to worry about.  I know several girls who have had nosebleeds during pregnancy.

About a week later, I was washing strawberries in the kitchen sink with 'The Boy'.  We had just gotten home from Costco, I had put 'Munchkin' down for her nap and he wanted to help me put things away.  I decided he could help me wash the fruit. 

Then he says to me, "Mommy, don't get blood on the strawberries."   

I looked down to see what he was talking about and I was completely covered in blood.  Another nosebleed.  I sat down and applied pressure but it got worse.  Blood started pouring down my throat and I started choking on it.  I ran to the bathroom to throw up and I saw myself in the mirror.  There was blood coming out of both my eyes.  I was totally freaking out.   

Did I mention that 'The Hubs' was away on business in Santa Barbara?  Totally freaking out.

I decided to call 911.

By the time I started talking to the dispatcher, I was able to speak one sentence before throwing up.  Blood was everywhere.  I called my mom and she started speeding over from her house. I called out to 'The Boy' to unlock the door and then he came to the bathroom and saw me.  He said, "Mommy, you have a bad boo-boo.  I will get you a Band-Aid."  He was a little nervous but I told him I was going to be okay and then prepared him for who was coming to help Mommy.

The fire department and ambulance came so quickly.  They clamped my nose and gave me a bag to throw up in.  'The Boy' completely freaked out and ran upstairs to his room.  Thank goodness 'Munchkin' was asleep.  My neighbor, Trina, ran over to see what was going on and stayed with the kids.  The paramedics strapped me on the gurney and took me into the ambulance.  The last thing I saw before I left was 'The Boy' crying in the front door way. 

Five minutes later I was in the ER and the bleeding had slowed down.  I had stopped throwing up and they gave me ice chips to eat to constrict the blood vessels.  I talk to 'The Hubs' on the phone and he dared to ask me if it was serious enough for him to come home.

I texted him this picture...

So attractive.

I spent the next two hours in the ER with my mom and step-dad.  'The Hubs' mom came to the house to watch the kids.  The Dr ran some blood work and was worried that I may have HELPP syndrome.  Everything came back normal but my nose would not stop bleeding.  They had to do a Silver Nitrate treatment to cauterized the capillaries in my nose.  It burned like a sonofagun.

'The Hubs' walked into the ER as I was checking out.  We went home and he got the kids to bed while I rested.  Despite everything, I slept like a baby.

The next day, I woke up looking like this. 

They had neglected to tell my that the Silver Nitrate totally stains your skin.  I looked like this for a few days and make up did not help.

I followed up with my Primary Doctor and he said everything looked fine.  I went home, ate some lunch and then blew my nose like I had totally forgotten the whole thing had happened.  Of course it started bleeding again.  I call my Dr and he sent me back to the ER to get my nose packed.  Yuck!

'The Hubs' was able to meet me there and sat with me for a few hours while they did more blood work.  We joked that we were on a date. They, thankfully, didn't have to pack my nose.  They gave me some magical nose drops and told me to use a saline spray daily. 

I had a couple of minor nosebleeds (one of which woke me form a sound sleep) in the week following.  I am now totally paranoid about blowing my nose, carry a nose clamp with me in my purse at all times, and have stocked up on so many boxes of tissues I don't even know where to store them. 

I'd like to say that this was the end of the pregnancy related drama but it was only the beginning.  It was the last of the nosebleeds.  At least I hope so.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh, October

Our October was especially busy. No different than any other month but filled with what seemed to be daily appointments or other happenings...

I took both kids to the pediatrician for their physicals.  Remind me never to combine that again.  It was rather difficult.

'The Boy', who entertained himself by playing video games, is growing right on track.  He is in the 85th percentile for both height and weight.  We seem to have his allergies under control for now which is amazing.  Dr. H. continues to be amazed by his speech and communication and ability to express his feelings.  He had to have one vaccination but he was so brave because he's "a big boy now".

'Munchkin', who continues to live up to her nickname, finally reached to 20 pound mark,  She is in the 35th percentile for weight and the 75th percentile for height.  No wonder we have so much trouble finding pants that fit her well.  She occupied herself by ripping the paper liner on the exam table into tiny little shreds.  Such a toddler.

 We ran some errands one afternoon and turned around to find this.  Twinsies...I love it!

I picked up my Scentsy order from Debran and added it to my Scentsy drawer.  I might need to kick back for a while.

'The Boy' had been learning to draw letters at preschool and he loves to practice.

He very conveniently outgrew his toddler bed and we put him in his new big boy bed.  It is so much better to read stories in bed with him instead of from the floor.

I don't know what I did to deserve it but, 'The Hubs' brought me breakfast in bed for three Sundays in a row.

He also broke down and bought me and the kids a minivan.  I had been asking for one for a while and he finally realized that it is the best vehicle for us right now.  I love it!

Our friends, Erica and Steve, threw the kids a little Halloween party.  We were so glad 'The Hubs' got to see 'The Littles' all dressed in their costumes.

It took a little persuading to get this one in his costume this year.

We carved pumpkins at Mimi and Papa's a few nights before Halloween.  'The Hubs' always teases 'The Boy' with the pumpkin guts.

'The Hubs' did his best Gangster impression at his Uncle's birthday/Halloween party.

And we rounded out the month with more pumpkin carving. 

Minnie and Mickey pumpkins...would you expect any less from us?

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I love Halloween.  It begins the holiday festivities and brings so much joy to my kids faces.  I hate that 'The Hubs' had to miss it for the second year in a row.  He had training in Pennsylvania.  We're hoping he'll be around for it next year.  Fingers crossed.

That being said, I knew that I wanted a very mellow Halloween.  I would be on my own and 5 1/2 months pregnant and not really up for the sugared up kids.  We decided to go to Gigi and Pop's for the night and I am so glad we did.  'The Littles' had an absolute blast.

We head there in the afternoon for some pumpkin carving... 

Watch out for the kid with the knife!  He loved carving pumpkins. 

 Pop and 'The Boy' having way too much fun.

'Munchkin' got her own spoon and had at it with the goo.

And about thirty seconds later, she decided to run a few laps around the yard instead.

Me and my mom and my awesome, too big maternity pants.

When it started to get dark, we headed inside for a costume change.  This year was bittersweet for me.  I realized that this is likely the last year I will be able to coax 'The Boy' into wearing something from the Disney store.  I believe that we will be onto superheros and other bigger boy things next year. 

Transforming into Buzz Lightyear.  Those gloves didn't last too long. 

 The battle of the ages.  Miss independent did not want to wear her patent leather Maryjane's.

Success!  We were even able to get a few pictures out front before the tick-or-treaters arrived.  As usual, we tried.

Being silly.  It looks like they are lovingly holding hands but I'm pretty sure that 'The Boy' is grabbing her arm so she'll stay put.

Say "Trick-or-Cheese".  He said this every time I snapped a picture of him.

Ready to go.  My little Buzz Lightyear and Minnie Mouse.

We trick-or-treated about half of the very long block that my mom lives on before I was exhausted and ready to find a Butterfinger in the candy stash eat dinner.  'Munchkin' wasn't a fan of running around in the dark and wanted to be held the whole time.  And 'The Boy' got in and out of the wagon for every. single. house.  That and 'The Baby' was spinning circles from the sugar I gave him.  I was so done.  Luckily, 'The Littles' didn't seem to mind.

After we cried because there weren't any Butterfingers in the stash yet ate our traditional Halloween chilli, we set out to find a Butterfinger went out for round two.  We lasted for half of the rest of the block before I got my Butterfinger 'The Boy' complained about being tired.

'Munchkin' opted out of round two to stay home with Pop and eat an entire box of Teddy Grahams. 

It was a perfect Halloween. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

An Ear Full

It's no secret that 'Munchkin' has had a rough year in terms of getting sick.  The poor girl got an ear infection every time she had a sniffle.  Then she started teething and she got an ear infection every time she cut a tooth.  I felt like I was pouring amoxicillin into her sippy cups instead of milk.  And every time she got sick, I rocked her and kissed her and cuddled her and then woke up a few days later with a cold myself. 

Last month, during an ear infection diagnosis appointment, I asked Dr. H., "how many ear infections does she have to endure before we start talking tubes?" 

She replied, "four in a year". 

Then she rummaged through 'Munchkin's' chart and counted up her offenses.  And then she gave me an 'oops' face and said we were at eight.  Eight!  Ugh!

The next week we were off to the ENT and setting up surgery for her to have tubes put in her ears.  My poor little baby girl.  I was so nervous about the whole thing considering all 20 pounds of her was going under anesthesia.  I was reassured by some awesome Facebook friends who had been through the same thing that everything would be just fine.  Thank goodness for Facebook friends!

The morning of the surgery, we arrived at Fallbrook hospital (30 minutes away) at 6:15 for her admission.  She got a little hospital bracelet and we had to sign a bunch of papers (and pay for would not believe how much that cost!). 

Waiting in pre-op.  Look at her tiny little ID bracelet.

We got a smile out of her just before they took her away.  She was holding onto her snugglie for dear life.

My nerves were totally shot.  She knew something was going on and she let us know that she did not like it.  They let us take her back to the pre-op area where we met the anesthesiologist and Dr. M. explained the procedure to us one more time.  Then the whisked her away and led us to the waiting area.  We heard her screaming all the way down the hallway. 

Dr. M. told us he would get us when he was finished, about fifteen minutes or so.  I went to the bathroom, called my mom and talked to her for two minutes and there was Dr. M. telling us how well everything went.  He was gone for five minutes.  I thought he was coming to tell us something had gone terribly wrong.  I cannot believe how fast it went.

They only let one of us back in recovery with her so, 'The Hubs' headed off to work and I went to cuddle my girl.  She was a mess coming out from under the anesthesia.  She screamed for the whole 30 minutes of recovery and didn't stop until she was buckled in her car seat, watching Tangled

She did great on the car ride home but, just as we were five minutes form our door, she puked up her apple juice (that the nurses told me to give her) and whatever else was in her stomach.  It was so bad I had to pull over and clean the whole mess up on the side of a country road. 

When we got home, we just snuggled and then we both fell asleep for a few hours.  She woke up and was still a little out of it.  We let her watch movies on the couch all afternoon.  Then, at about 4 in the afternoon, she went crazy.  Running, jumping,climbing, squealing, screaming, crazy.  So, we decided she was fine and we went to Mimi and Papa's to carve pumpkins and let her run off some steam. 

Recuperating and watching Beauty and the Beast (her favorite).  About an hour before she turned into a maniac.

She has been great in the weeks since the surgery.  She is currently cutting a tooth and has no signs of any ear infections.  Yay!  We also have noticed that she has finally started to speak more words as if she wasn't able to hear us all that well before.  We are so glad that it is done and over with and all we are left with is a healthy little girl.  And a hefty medical bill to pay off.  Haha!