Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 3- Don't stop till you get enough

Let me start by saying, when I am on vacation (especially in a foreign country) I don't watch much TV, read any newspapers, or get the Internet. I relax and try to steer clear of anything that may disrupt my enjoyment.

We went to Guiseppe's buffet for breakfast and on the way there I found the Cafe de Paris where latte fever was born. ( Just a side- thank you God for great lattes in a desert of bitter coffee. I thought it was a mirage but soon realized it was truly a miracle.) Why were all of the servers talking about Michael Jackson? He must be a pretty big deal around here.

After breakfast, we put 'The Boy' in his sun suit (we are very white, people) and took him swimming at the French Village pool. He had a blast playing in the kiddie pool and showing off his submerging to Daddy. He also had his first taste of banana daiquiri- umm, he loved it. we met a nice guy in the pool who was swimming with his daughter and we talked for a bit. He was from the OC and was having trouble with the humidity, too.

All of a sudden he says, "and I can't believe that Michael Jackson died". Huh? I hate feeling out of the loop. So instead of taking 'The Boy' to camp for his nap, we went back to the room and watched the news.

'The Boy' and I in the pool before the news

Very quickly, our trip turned into the one when Michael Jackson died. We took 'The Boy' to Bobby D's for lunch where we were serenaded by every conceivable MJ tune.

More than enjoying his first ice cream cone

The rest of the day was spent at Pirate's Island water park. This was so fun! 'The Boy' had a blast playing with the crab in the splash zone. We stood there for almost an hour. We took him for a swim in his raft in the lazy river. (I have pics of this but they are on the yet to be developed water camera...coming soon.)

'The Boy' and his "cwabby"

This was a tankini, not a one piece. I was at a water park people.

We went to the toddler slides and we went down a few of the small ones. 'The Boy' ran through the sprinklers and saw the bigger slide. I took him down it on my lap. "Again, again". I cannot tell you how many times we went down the big slide because I lost count.

That night, we attended the Soon Come Back Party. I have no idea why it's not called the Come Back Soon Party but, whatever. (Most people that vacation here stay from Saturday to Saturday so it is kind of a farewell party. We stayed Wednesday to Wednesday because airfare was cheaper.) It was a pirate themed bonfire on the beach. We ate local fare for dinner- I love Jamaican beef pies. 'The Boy' was not thrilled to be there. The emcee was dressed as a pirated and scared the heck out of him. Needless to say, we did not stay for the bonfire and left before the sun went down.

'The Boy' and me on the beach. Note the scary pirated to the left.

Enjoying the local food. At least on of us.

We dropped 'The Boy' off at Camp shortly after our pictures were taken on the beach. 'The Hubs' and I went to Turtles, the adults only bar, where we listened to every conceivable Michael Jackson song again. We dropped in at Kelly's, an outdoor bar in the Italian Village, before deciding we had had enough. We picked up 'The Boy' and headed back to the room for bed.

'The Hubs' at Turtles

'The Megs' at Kelly's

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