Sunday, November 25, 2012

At Nine Months


As I browsed my stash of photos form this past month to put in your nine month letter, I realized that there just weren't any really good ones that I hadn't already put in other posts.  I did not take a picture of you on the exact date that you turned nine months.  Oops.  I hope that someday, you'll understand.

At nine months you are very active!  Crawling all over the house, chasing after your brother and sister.  In the last month I feel like you have made such a big change from the baby in the house to one of the kids.  I don't have to watch your every move as much.  Your brother does a pretty good job of looking out for you.  You moved into his room and you love waking up to see his face first thing every morning. You are pulling up to stand on just about everything.  You still haven't figured out how to get back down and you get pretty upset if we don't come to help you right away.  You wander all over the house discovering things.  You tend to get stuck in between the chairs under the kitchen table and need rescuing.  It's quite funny.  You are entertained by the door stopper in the kitchen for hours.

You love to eat!  You started to eat real food more often than pureed food.  Some favorites are cheese, Cheerios, avocado, and pancakes.  You love pancakes!  You had your first popsicle a few nights ago and at first you were like, why would you put something this cold in my mouth?  But then you tried a few more times and you were like, oh yeah, this stuff is good.

You say a whole bunch of "words". Da-da, Bruh-bruh, uh-uh and even Gigi.  No Mama yet.  I am hoping it will happen real soon.

We had a big appointment this month at the Children's hospital in San Diego to have your horrible eczema treated.  They have got you on a pretty good regimen of oils and lotions and anti-itch medicine.  We have been mummy wrapping your poor little legs with wet gauze at night and it seems to be doing the trick.  You are already less miserable and your skin is starting to clear up.  So happy about that.

This is a not super great picture of you at nine months but it is just the way I want to remember you.  You, standing up in the morning with your little red cheeks and your lips sucked in, waiting for me to pick you up.  That's my sweet boy.

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