Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Speed on Over...

Look who turned 3!

Or, as he would say, "I'm gonna be three years old enough".

Months ago, I asked 'The Boy' what kind of party he wanted this year and without hesitation, he said, "Mr. Careeeee!"  That would be Lightning McQueen  and the Disney Cars gang to you.  About a month before the party, he stopped being adorable and started calling him by his real name but became even more adorable when I heard it come out of his mouth as, "Lightning the Queen".

This party was harder to throw together than last year mainly because we have a new (is she still new?) baby.  It didn't help matters that the week of the party, 'The Hubs' started a new job and left town for the week.  So little time, so much to do!  I am happy to post the results that, if I may say, came together pretty well.

Welcome to...

He had to scope out the entrance.

The party favor table.

So excited to have a mantle this year!  Just in case you forgot how old enough he is.

Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla sour cream yummy!

 I made car chocolate pretzels.  I am never left with any of these by the end of the day.  Such a hit!

 Check out the shade provided by my brand new patio cover!  We cut it pretty close with this one.  It wasn't finished until the day before the party.

 Thank goodness we had the patio cover was the first day of the heat wave.

Bounce House to match the theme, as always.
 Kids at play.

 Good thing I have the retaining wall for extra seating...who knew?

 Hey, Birthday Boy!

 'The Boy' and cousin Wade.

We served his favorite dogs.  Shhh...don't tell.  They are made of all natural chicken.

 Pinata time!

 I mad a 'tower of tires' (mini chocolate doughnuts) in lieu of a birthday cake.

 He had been asking for one all day.

How'd he get to be so big? 


There's 'Munchkin'.  I do have pics of her at this party but not on my camera. 

That's it for now.  Believe it or not there's more.  I'll post the rest of the pics when I get my hands on them.


C@r!ie said...

so cute!!!! I wish we could have made it! Luka would have lost his marbles if he saw all the Lightning McQueen decorations!!!

Leslie said...

You do ridiculous birthday parties!!!

devon lorraine ... said...

such thought out details. love the cupcake wrappers!