Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Samplings of October

'The Hubs' had a very special surgery that would prevent his ability to make children. I know, I know!  But if you knew how difficult our day to day is, you'd understand.

This guy is such a goof. Had to buckle in his 'son', 'Travis'. 

Thanks for taking this one, honey.  Most days I want to do this in the afternoon.  Most days I don't.

'Mister's' first smoothie.

We're big on smoothies. 

Can you tell? 

Little Chef. 

A math lesson at dinner. 

'Mister' at play. 

Three 'Littles', one double stroller. 

What may be one of 'Mister's' last sink baths.  He's getting so chunky. 

Singing the Fandango song with a homemade paper bag puppet. 

Can you see my first tooth? 

My 5 am wake up call. 

We Skyped with 'The Hubs' while he was in Hawaii on business.  'Mister' was terrified.  Every time 'The Hubs' talked, he screamed.  It was hilarious!

Love seeing his work in the class room.

Snuggling my sleeping 'Mister'. 


My Mom came to help me kill the biggest spider I have ever seen. 

'Mister' woke up with a chunk of dried boogies in his hair.  Acted like hair gel a la There's Something About Mary.

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