Monday, May 6, 2013

First Day in Paradise

Never have we been to a vacation spot in which the time zone was behind ours.  We usually lose some of the day because it takes us so long to adjust.  In Hawaii, some of us woke up at 3:30 am because children don't understand time changes.  Thankfully we had plenty of entertainment for them in the room and after 'The Hubs' and I had each gotten a quick workout in, we headed to the pool at 8:30.

The resort had three pools and the one near our building had an awesome little lagoon that was perfect for 'The Littles'.

My mom and I took a little stroll around the resort grounds with 'Mister' so he could get a little snooze in.  Ko'Olina is made up of four lagoons; one for the marina, one for our resort, one for private residences and one that is shared by the Disney Aulani and the JW Ihalini hotels.  Each cove is beautiful but I think ours had the best snorkeling.


He was so tired.  Best nap in an umbrella stroller ever!

'Mister' woke and we ate an early lunch before heading to a different pool for more swimming.  'The Littles' also heard a story and got to swim with a mermaid.  A "real" mermaid.

We headed to the beach later in the afternoon for about an hour just to check it out.  The water was perfect.

Sandy pineapple.  He ate the whole thing.

We took a little pre dinner stroll to see the other lagoons at sunset.

'Mister' was so sleepy.

'The Boy' fell asleep on Daddy's shoulders.

And 'Munchkin' passed out before we ordered.  Not a single kid ate dinner.

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