Monday, March 28, 2011

At 9 Months

Dear 'Munchkin',

Nine months and counting!  You have changed so much in one month.  I am beginning to feel my little baby slipping away as you grow.  You no longer want to be rocked or cuddled to sleep.  You hardly ever want to be picked want to be able to move!  And move you do.  You have got the army crawl down and it is taking you places.  I am sure you'll figure out how to crawl on your hands and knees soon and, when you do, we are going to be in trouble.  You started pulling yourself up on anything and you love standing up like a big girl.  You open and close cabinet doors (sometimes on your fingers) and Mommy and Daddy had to baby proof the house real fast.  You are a bit of a dare devil.  You love wrestling with Daddy, spinning with Mommy and hanging from the furniture. 

'Munchkin' you are still a petite little princess weighing in at 17 lbs., 7 oz.  Dr. H. made a point to us at your check up that you are growing just fine (42nd percentile) but you will need to stay in your rear facing car seat after your first birthday and will likely need to continue with formula as well.  You have started eating many different foods and are pretty much over anything pureed.  You love pancakes, meatballs, pasta, quesadillas, and puffs.

You have definitely found your voice this month.  You squeal and scream and say a few words: na-na (bottle), Da-die (Daddy) Gi-Gi, hi, hey and you snort and sniff when you really want something.  No ma-ma yet but I'm not holding it against you.  I know you'll say it soon.

We love you little girl and we love watching you grow!


DeBran said...

Ahh...she's so cute! Kaelyn weighed in at just under 18 pounds at her 1st bday and didn't gain any for almost nine months. She was and still is a peanut. It's kinda cute to have tiny little girls though. ;)

C@r!ie said...

I know I tell you this every post but she is just gorgeous! happy 9 months Chelsea!