Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sea World

After our relaxing day, we figured we would get back into the San Diego action and take 'The Littles' to Sea World.  We decided to take it slow and do what we could.  We didn't want to feel rushed because 'Munchkin' wasn't feeling so great.
We started off at the 'Pets Rule' show.  'Mister' was so good and slept in the carrier through the whole show.  Note: the new infant carrier that we ran out to get because my favorite Moby wrap was covered in the blowout from the day at the zoo.

After the show, we stopped by to see the Sea Lions. 

'Munchkin' was feeling worse and started to spike a fever.

'The Boy' begged us to buy fish so he could feed the sea lions and then chickened out when he felt how slimy they were.

He sure did love watching them.  He stayed in the same spot while 'The Hubs' and I alternated bathroom breaks, bought snacks and thought of a game plan.
'Munchkin' was burning up and so sleepy and almost lethargic. She was getting worse so we weren't sure if we would be able to stay any longer.  We were thinking about driving home to take her to the pediatrician but I suggested we make a quick stop at the first aid station to see if there was a nurse on duty. 
We have never been to first aid at any amusement park.  We are usually pretty good about keeping our kiddos home when they are sick.  But we were on vacation and thankfully, Sea World had a two EMTs and a nurse practitioner on duty.  They were so sweet to our girl.  They took her temperature (101!), checked her ears (not infected), gave her some Tylenol and told us to come back to have her reevaluated. 
We went to hang out in the freezing Penguin Encounter until her fever broke.  It did the trick.  She was still tired and not herself but we decided to make the best of the day. 


A few hours later, she was all smiles.  Especially when one of her dreams came true.

 Meeting Elmo and Zoe made her day!

She even enjoyed a little play time at the Bay of Play.

I climbed up and down and in and out of this crazy obstacle course with 'The Boy'.

He had a blast!
'Munchkin' took a nap while 'The Boy' went on some rides.  When she woke up she was feverish again.  So we went back to first aid and the nurse gave her another dose of Tylenol.  That helped her get through the rest of the night.  We were able to stay to watch 'Shamu Rocks' and the fireworks.


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