Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father's Day

We didn't realize until a few weeks before our vacation that we planned it over Father's Day.  It was just one of those things that I wasn't sure was the best idea but couldn't be changed.  Last year, we spent Mother's Day on vacation and it was wonderful.  Father's Day away from home was pretty great too.

When I asked 'The Hubs' what he wanted to do on his day and he said, "let's go to the zoo".  I asked if he was sure because, I'm not gonna lie, the zoo is pretty much my least favorite place on earth.  He said he wanted to spend the day with the kids doing what the kids wanted to do because, after all, they are the reason he gets to celebrate the day as a Dad. 

We got off to a slow start, letting 'The Littles' watch TV and eat breakfast in their pj's.

'Mster' took an early morning nap.  That's his thing.  He likes to take a nap right after he wakes up.
'The Littles' were so excited to give Daddy his present.  i think they were more excited to finally tell him about all of the apps they played at the Apple store.

We got him a golf swing analyzer that connects to his Ipad.  I really don't know exactly what it does.  it involved golf and the Ipad so it was, naturally, a hit.
We got to the San Diego Zoo in the early afternoon.  All of 'The Littles' were awake when we pulled them out of the car but when we walked through the entrance we saw that the boys were fast asleep. 
'Munchkin' was stoked. 

 She got Daddy all to herself for a while.
 She was so adorable, pointing to the animals, calling all of them cows (and mooing at the camels).  It was her first time and just watching her joy as she took it all in made me dislike the zoo a little less.

Waving at the elephants.
 'The Boy' woke up from his power nap (20 minutes) just in time for the Elephant Odyssey exhibit.


 This one was happy to snooze in the sun.

And when he woke up, he got the best seat in the house. 

Just after these adorable pictures of 'Mister' were snapped, he had the biggest blowout we have ever seen.  And since I was wearing him at the time, I got to spend the rest of the day smelling like baby poop.
She finally got her chance to nap.

We finished off the day at Sammy's for dinner.  'Munchkin' had so much fun playing with her pizza dough.  'The Boy' is not pictured because no one wants to see a picture of a pouter.

Daddy with his 'Littles'.  Happy Father's Day!

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