Saturday, June 23, 2012

Coronado Getaway

We love to vacation but we knew this year we would be extremely limited in our destination choices because we had to go over summer break and 'Mister' would still be so young.  The though of schlepping all of his baby gear and putting him on a long plane ride at four months old seemed torturous.  So we settled on a week long trip to our favorite local island.

We checked in the early evening before grabbing dinner at Panera.  Then we got 'The Littles' ready for bed and enjoyed some adult quiet time on the balcony while taking in one of my favorite views.
 Coronado Bridge at night.

Sleep tight little 'Mister'.

The next day, my parents and cousins (who were in town visiting) met up with us for some lunch and an afternoon on the beach.  This was actually the only day we spent at the beach the entire vacation.  Beach days are hard when you're out numbered 3:2.


Somebody tell that kid that crack is whack!

Watching Lexie and 'Munchkin reminded me so much of being little and playing with my Aunt (Lexie's mom).  'Munchkin' loves her so much.  She called her Mommy the whole time.

It was a little breezy and we did our best to keep 'Mister' warm.


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