Sunday, June 24, 2012

At Four Months

Oh, Little Monkey,
          The days are quickly melting into one another and you are growing so fast.  That little newborn face has rounded so much so, it barley seems the same.  You are our chunky boy...not super chunky but, you are our biggest baby.  You and 'Munchkin' will likely weigh the same in no time. At your check up this month you weighed 14 lbs. 11 oz and were 26 1/2 inches long.  You are in size three diapers and wear size 6 month clothes.
           We love watching you grow into yourself, curiously taking everything in.  You have found your feet and you ooo over toys and people eating real food.  You'll have your turn soon enough.  We haven't started you on solids yet because you have eczema that, sadly, is worsening by the day.  The doctor is concerned that we may not notice a skin reaction to an allergic food so we are waiting another month. 
           You are still breast feeding every 2 hours and you can go a 6 hour stretch at night.  I applaud myself for breast feeding for this long.  I've never lasted past 6 weeks before.  I enjoy every second of it though the big kids are starting to be resentful of our special time together. 
          This month you have accomplished so much.  You finally roll from your back to your front.  You began awkwardly grasping toys and grabbing at the toys dangling above your bouncy chair.  Your eyes have begun following you brother and sister.  I can see your little brain trying to figure out how to keep up with them.  You'll be chasing after them before I know it, I'm sure.
          We love you Little Monkey (our favorite nickname for you...from chunky monkey) and can't wait for what next month brings. 

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