Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Hapenings

A few months ago, 'The Boy' told us, "I want to be a pirate for Halloween."  He said that he wanted 'Mister' to be a parrot for his shoulder.  Couldn't have picked a better idea myself.  Then, a pirate turned into Captain Hook and that made it easy to choose Tinkerbell for 'Munchkin'.  These were, by far my favorite Halloween costumes yet.

The Halloween festivities began at 'The Boy's' school carnival...

'Mister' parrot.

Tink picks a pumpkin from the patch.

Tink meets Woddy and Jessie.

Gigi and 'Munchkin' on the DJ glow dance floor. 

Captain Hook made it through one bit of his dinner.

'Munchkin' disrobed and gave herself a few tatoos.  Then, she proceeded to "read" a DVD.
Early Halloween afternoon, we got to carving our pumpkins...

A horrible picture of us but 'The Boy' was so excited that he took it.

Such precision.
Later that day, we got 'The Littles' dressed up and tried to take some pictures.

Making some Captain Hook faces.

He can't helo but smile a bit.

Tink was in an excellent mood.

Cutest little parrot you ever did see!

We tried.


We tried the parrot on the shoulder picture.  Turns out 'Mister' got a little too chunky for 'The Boy' to carry.

We took 'The Little's next door to their friends' birthday party...

'Munchkin' colored with her buddy Madison.

Painting pumpkins.

Love these guys!

So handsome!

Two fist.  That's the way to get it done.

The only smile Tink gave me all night.

When it got a bit darker, we walked down the road to meet up with Nick and Julie and their kiddos for trick-or-treating...

'Munchkin' and Kylee got pulled around while the big kids ran from door to door.

Khloe and 'Mister' couldn't hang for long.  They slept most of the way.  Miss Khloe was a zebra.  It looked like we were pushing a zoo.

When we got home, 'Munchkin' sorted through her candy and then passed out on the floor in front of the kitchen sink.

It was such a wonderful Halloween!

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