Tuesday, November 13, 2012


The last couple of weeks held some big changes for 'The Littles'.  Each one of them got a new sleeping arrangement. 

'Munchkin' said 'goodbye' to her crib and 'hello' to a toddler bed.  She was being so good in her crib and not trying to climb out at all.  I was hoping I'd be able to leave her in there until she was eighteen.  Then, one day, she escaped.  She stacked her blankets and stuffed animals in the corner, used them as a stool and hurled herself over the side.  And not just once.  Over and over and over again.  Because once she figured out how to escape, she could no longer be contained.
She was so proud of her big girl bed. 

On the first night, she got out of bed to come find us a couple of times but that was it.  Hands down, the easiest transition ever!

A couple of weeks later, we decided it was high time we get our room back to ourselves.  'Mister' had been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks and 'The Boy' kept asking when he could share his room with his brother.  One afternoon, I just decided to do it.  By myself.
I was nervous about not having enough space in the room for both of their beds and all of their stuff.  It turns out there is way more room than I thought.  It fit a crib, a full size bed and still has plenty of space for them to play on the floor.  Now, the closet is a different story.  That thing is packed to the brim!

'The Boy's' side.

'Mister's side.

Things have been going pretty well with them, too.  It took 'The Boy' about a week to adjust to not going into his room during 'Mister's' nap time but now he gets it.  I just love that they are sharing! 

The day after I moved the boys, I woke up unable to move.  I threw my back out and I was on the couch for days.  Still worth seeing their smiles.

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