Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I love Thanksgiving.  It is my favorite holiday.  I get very annoyed that it is the little holiday that has been forgotten.  It seems it is overshadowed by shopping and sales these days.  To others, it is a stepping stone or a kick off to the magic of Christmas.  To me, it is about family and being thankful for all God has blessed me with.  It is the calm before the storm.  An opportunity to enjoy my family and kids before Christmas and all of its craziness takes over.  And, even though I was crazy busy prepping for our feast, I loved every moment of it.

I made a few pies the day before.  Why not?

'The Boy' and 'Munchkin' decorated turkey cookies in their pj's wile they watched the parade.

'Munchkin' enjoyed a few Mike and Ike's on the side.

'The Boy's' 

'Munchkin's'.  Hers was abstract.

I love our Thanksgiving table. 

Love our centerpiece.

This year, 'The Littles' ate at their kid table.

My whole family made it!

Making a wish.

An encore performance in an Indian costume this time.

Grandma and 'Mister'.

That's one place to go into a turkey coma.

The next morning, I headed out bright and early to do some shopping.

Just a little bit.

Thanks again to all of my family for such a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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