Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Samplings of November

My bathtub cuties.  'The Boy' is too old for a bath now.  Five year olds only take showers.  Who knew? 

So happy!

Just love this little 'Mister'.

Applying (eating) lip gloss.

Soccer tunnel at the last game of the season.

Pretty sure he was so happy because it was the last game.

He loved his trophy.

Riding the Daddybronco.  Good thing we are done having kids.  There is no more room on their. 

'The Hubs' picked up some of the slack when I threw out my back.

Well, half of our house was happy.

Toured my step-dad's plant.

'Munchkin' fell asllep behind her bedroom door with her little hand peeking out.

Catching the tail end of a rainbow...much appreciated!

Hello, little stander.

Delicious family dinner = lots of dishes.

Good morning!

Took this silly little girl on a date to Panera.

Made goofy faces while we waited for our food.

I love my girl!

I do not love that she ditched her grilled chese and ate half of my salad.

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