Monday, November 5, 2012


'The Hubs' has the cutest grandparents!  They celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary with a big bash.  They chose to celebrate this random year instead of 50th or 60th because they were married in 1956.  So clever.
The celebration was full of stories about their meeting, wedding and how they were like pioneers for our once very small town.  We learned so many things about them that we had never known.  Like, their names are on a statue in our Old Town for their contributions to incorporating our city.  We heard about their first meeting, their first date and so much more.

Skydivers flew in. 

The kids colored and tried to get out of a bad, no napping mood. 

She was able to shake it in time for some dancing.

The great-grandkids sung a beautiful song.   

I just love how this picture captures each of 'The Littles' personalities.  'The Boy' is super shy and not singing one bit, 'Munchkin' has her attitude (that's the nicest way to say it) face on, and 'Mister' is happy as a clam. 

'Munchkin' thought she was the star of the show.  She danced behind every singing act and definitely stole the show.  'The Boy' attempted to wrangle her in. 

The happiest little fella.

It was a beautiful celebration.  Congrats, Grammy and Grandpa!

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