Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Best Idea I've Ever Had

I've had a lot of good ideas that have turned into utter disasters.  Painting cabinets...horrible.  Hot pink sparkly halter top...a hot mess.  Huge kid party on the hottest day of the year...nightmare.  The list goes on and on...and on.  This, however, was by far the very best idea I have ever had.  I worked it out in my head over and over and thought out different scenarios.  I cannot ever begin to express how glad I am that 'The Hubs' and I had a gender reveal dinner without knowing the gender of our little one.

A few months back, I was watching Good Morning America, and I saw a segment where two expecting couples cut into a cake that told them the gender of their unborn child by it's color.  I thought it was so brilliant that I said, and I quote, "that almost makes me want to have another baby".  Haha!  I was already unknowingly pregnant.

As soon as I found out we were unexpectedly expecting, I knew for sure that I wanted to do something exciting when we found out our baby's gender.  We had found out in front of an ultrasound technician the last two times and I wanted to do something personal and fun for us and for 'The Boy'.  I told 'The Hubs' about the gender cake and he was not impressed.  I talked him into it pretty easily and, when it came down to it, we both felt it was the best way of finding out. 

So, I moseyed on down to the cheating ultrasound place and told the technician our plan.  She turned off the screen and did an awesome job of not spilling the beans.  The gender was written on a piece of paper and then sealed tight in an envelope.  Then, I took the envelope to the bakery.

Actually, I was starving.  So, I went to lunch first.  And there that envelope sat.  Burning a hole in my purse.  Coercing me to peek.  My mom was with me and was like, "you know you want to look".  But I held strong and, with only the slightest desire to peek (haha) I ran into the bakery and shoved the envelope into the baker's hand without a word.  She was a little confused.  I explained everything, ordered our cake and went home to wait it out.  For five days!  I don't know what I was thinking!

That Saturday, we had family over for dinner and the big cake cutting.  'The Boy' came with me to the bakery to pick up the cake and told everyone he wanted a little brother.  The whole staff came out to congratulate me (without spoiling the surprise) and I looked back at them and said, "you all know I'm having don't you".  They all did and it was a bit surreal that an entire bakery knew the gender of our baby before we did.

That cake sat in my fridge for 5 hours.  It taunted us but, we resisted.  Family came over and we ate dinner and chatted for a while.  I felt really calm about the whole thing.  Not overly excited or anxious.  Just happily spending time with our family.

Then, the cake came out...

 That little smudge where it says boy is where my finger went through the cake while I was taking it out of the box.  I almost ruined the surprise.

Everybody had a guess and we had them stand on opposite sides of the kitchen. 

 The Boy side...

 ...the girl side.

And just for the record, 'The Hubs' prayed for a boy and I swore it was a girl because I was so darn sick in the beginning.

 The moment of truth.

 It's a boy!!!!!!

 I have never been so surprised in my life. 

It took me a few hours to adjust to the fact that we are having another little boy.  I always said that I didn't have a preference as to what the baby's gender was but I wanted to have another boy just a bit more than another girl because I had just had a girl.  That said, I still thought it was a girl.  First time I was wrong.

After we ate the cake, we checked out some ultrasound pictures just to make sure the bakery hadn't screwed up. 

Definatly a boy! 
We are so excited to be completing (and I mean it) our family with our little man.  
And we loved being with our family for the big surprise.  Hands down the best idea I have ever had. 


Jodee said...

Congratulations on your new little man! Love, love, love gender revealing parties. So fun! Cute cake too!

Sara Gibson said...

I love this idea! So fun! If (and that is a big huge IF) we decide to go for one more I may have to use this idea.

I was wrong in guessing the gender of two out of three of my kids. I thought for sure first and third were a girl, like 100% sure, and we all know how that turned out. Apparently, we only make boys.

Congrats to you guys! Very exciting.