Sunday, September 25, 2011

Newport Coast: Day One

Back in February of this year, we made some big plans for our family vacations.  We went to Las Vegas for Mother's Day week and had booked a beautiful hotel in Ko'Olina, Oahu for our big vacation this September. 

Then, we got our little surprise and Hawaii kind of just slipped away from us.  Everything that I was looking forward to doing when we were there (surfing, hiking, etc.) required my body to be without another occupant.  Someday I'll get to paradise.  A day when my body belongs to me again.

We still wanted to go away for a week somewhere but our options were limited because I didn't want to fly.  Luckily, we were able to get a week at Marriott's Newport Coast Villas very last minute.  It seemed a bit strange vacationing an hour from home in a place where I grew up but, there was so much for us to do with the kids and since it was so close, it was truly relaxing.

We made the drive up to the resort in the afternoon during nap time.  Two cars would be needed to haul all of the stuff we would require for the week and I got to drive the kid less, silent one.  Though, I'm told the other car was pretty peaceful, too.  We had to wait a bit for our room but, it was worth it.  The perfect spot in the huge resort and we barely saw any other guests near us the whole week.

'The Littles' "helped" us bring all of our stuff into the room.  They both thought this bell cart was the perfect stage for dancing.

'The Boy' quickly realized that helping was a lot like work so he dove into a video game.

 Our villa was beautiful...

We sure know how to make a place feel like home in about 5 minutes.

The Master suite.

 The kids had their own room! 

After unpacking two carloads, we were famished.  We headed up Pacific Coast Highway to Ruby's in Corona Del Mar.  It is a perfect restaurant for the kids and the one near us closed awhile back.

 'The Hubs' helped 'The Boy' make a car.

 'Munchkin' had a car, too.  Pretty sure she ate it.

They ate this so fast and only shared with each other.

 After dinner, we went to the grocery store to get food for the week and then headed home to put 'The Littles' to bed.  We had a big day lined up for Monday so we needed them well rested.  Of course we had time for one last performance in pj's.


DeBran said...

lol...make it look like funny and true!! ;) we do that everywhere we go!

C@r!ie said...

looks like so much fun!