Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Vacation: Day Three

 Tuesday was a day of rest.  As much as one can rest while trying to fit everything in on vacation.  We were all so beat from Disneyland that not a single one of us woke before 9 am.  Thank you, black out curtains.  We let the kids watch a movie and enjoyed our coffee and conversation on the patio all morning.  We finally decided to get moving and took 'The Littles' to the pool around 11 am.

I took one picture because, that's right, I hopped right into the pool with them and we swam like fish until 'The Boy' was all, "I'm hungry" and 'Munchkin' started falling asleep in the water.

We went back to our villa, made some lunch and then both kids (yay!) took a really long nap.  'The Hubs' and I watched Little Fockers (very funny) and I took a shower (it had two shower heads and was amazing) without anyone showing me a Lego creation.  So peaceful.

 That night, we didn't want to do anything too crazy so, we strolled through the Huntington Beach street fair and farmer's market on our way to dinner.

 I love this pier!

 It was pretty cold and we did not prepare well for that so we went to dinner without getting to the end of the pier.

 'The Hubs' took us to Duke's, a Hawaiian restaurant.  It almost felt like we were on the right vacation.  He promised me that night that someday we would eat at Duke's in Honolulu.  I will, of course, hold him to it.

 I love that she is already coloring!

 And this one is getting really good at staying in the lines.

We ate such yummy ahi poke tacos.  They were melt in your mouth delicious. 

After dinner we went back to our villa, put the kids down and fell asleep super early ourselves.  Such a relaxing day and very much needed.

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