Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vacation: Day Four

Today was a no plan kind of day.  We woke up slowly, were slow to get ready and then, 'The Hubs' told us what we were doing for the day.  It was overcast and not exactly hot but we were minutes from the beach, darn it, and we were going to the beach.  After debating which would be best for the kids, we decided to take them to Balboa. 

 Clearly, I will need to come out from the rock I've been hiding under because I have never in my life seen this.  The parking meter takes a credit card!  Of course I took a picture.  And then, 'The Hubs' made fun of me about it for the rest of the trip.

 'Munchkin' fell asleep on the way there.  I have no idea how she had sand on her face before getting out of the car.
 We set up a nice little spot.  Those people on the left were the only other people for miles. 
Overcast day + school in session= beach all to ourselves.

 'Munchkin' continued her nap on the sand.

 Just us and the seagulls.

The boys played in sand while I snuggled 'Munchkin' and read Golf Digest.  I forgot my book and, well, I'll read anything.  Now I know all there is to know about some golfer named Bubba Watson.  I was so impressed with 'The Boy' who ran in and out of the waves even though it was chilly.

 He came back from the ocean and made "sand angles".  That was fun to clean off.

 'Munchkin' woke up and we let her play a bit before we packed it up.  We were all getting hungry.

 We went to Subway for a quick lunch and got cookies for everyone to enjoy on the way home...

..and she enjoyed it all over the place.

That night, Monica and Evan came to the villa for dinner and the girls stayed up chatting while the boys went to the jaccuzi.  So nice to vacation close to our friends.  Have I mentioned how relaxing and easy this trip was?  Another perfect day.

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