Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vegas: Part Three

For once, I'm about to be heavy on the words and light on the pictures.  So not like me but here it goes.  Monday morning, Steve and 'The Hubs' decided to do some last minute golfing.  And by last minute I mean, hours before my parents left for home.  My mom came to our room and we were going to take 'The Littles' to Caesar's for some shopping.  Sounded easy enough.

Except, 'The Hubs' took my keys.  So we were stuck.  And it was freezing and drizzling so we couldn't stay and take 'The Littles' to the pool.  I became a mom on a mission because, no way were we going to be cooped up in the room while the boys played eighteen holes.  So, I got 'The Littles' and all of their stuff together and we walked. 

My plan was to take them to Circus Circus to see some fun kid stuff and grab a bite for lunch.  As it turns out, Circus Circus is still a huge dump and I'm pretty sure we all developed lung cancer in our 20 minutes there form the second hand smoke.  Plan B was to get a cab to take us to Caesar's but no cabs would take us because I didn't have the car seats.

Onto Plan C.  Which was walk to Caesar's.  From Circus Circus.  Really, my plan was to walk the strip 'till I could walk no more.  Both kids fell asleep shortly after we started which was good because it started raining.  I mean pouring.  So we walked as fast as we could, my Mom cursing the boys the whole time and me saying over and over, "just go!"

We met up with the boys at Treasure Island (because that was when I could walk no more) and ate lunch at the buffet. 
Our family...

...and 'The Boy'.


'The Hubs' took 'The Littles' back to the room and let me gamble with my parents for a bit.  Then we said good-bye and started the rest of our vacation as a family of four.

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