Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vegas: Part One

'The Hubs' and I got sucked into buying a timeshare.  Years ago, not long before kids, we were strolling through the lobby of the Luxor in Las Vegas on our dating anniversary getaway.  We were living on one salary and putting him through school at the time, so our funds were very limited.  We thought, 'how bad could a 90 minute timeshare presentation possibly be?  And there going to give us ticket to Carrot Top to boot!'

90 minutes later, we owned a (very tiny) piece of the Vegas strip.  We thought we would use it all the time because we loved Vegas so much.  We found out I pregnant with 'The Boy' two months later.  Vegas didn't seem like the ideal vacation spot after he was born. 

Nonetheless, we are gifted with our (already paid off and not even worth thinking about selling) timeshare every third year in early May.  (Every third year is all we could afford but, thank goodness we didn't buy more.)  We tried desperately to trade it for Hawaii or somewhere more family appropriate but, to no avail.  So, away we went, making a family/Mother's Day celebration/meet Uncle Michael's new boyfriend vacation extravaganza. 

We started the week off at The Cancun resort (not our timeshare) because everybody else wanted to come for the whole weekend and our week didn't start until Saturday.  'The Hubs' had to work Friday but I got to have breakfast with 'The Littles' and Uncle Michael and met Sean (who, incidentally, I adore).  We hung out by the pool that afternoon and played in our room with the kids. 

'The Boy' played with his new play dough factory and donned a new "eyebrown".

'Munchkin' showed off her amazing ability to pull every tissue out of the box at warp speed.

That evening, my parents took 'The Littles' to their hotel room for a sleepover and 'The Hubs' and I spent the evening at Koi, our favorite sushi restaurant at the Planet Hollywood hotel.  Funny, even though we had no pressure to pick up the kids and could have stayed out, we called it a night at about 11.  That's pretty good for us.

The next day was more of the same.  We lounged by the pool and Grandma, GiGi, Pop, Uncle Michael and Sean joined us in the afternoon. 

This is the super excited sniffing, snorting face.  She loved the pool even though it was freezing.

We checked out of the Cancun resort and headed to our timeshare that we would stay at for the rest of the week.  We love Hilton Grand Vacations.

That night, grandma offered to watched the kids in her fabulous room at Caesar's.  The kids loved it.  Her room had floor to ceiling windows with a perfect view of the water show at the Bellagio.  She said the kids watched it all night.  'The Hubs' and I went to dinner at Nero's, our new favorite.  I was such a relaxing night and so nice to spend time together.
When we went to pick up the kids, Grandma had them all cozy in bed.  So cute.  We would have let them spend the night but the next day was Mother's Day and I wanted them home with me in the morning.  

Much more to come... 

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