Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Last of Vegas

 Our vacation was starting to come to an end so, of course, we jammed packed as much stuff into our last day and a half as we could.  We started the day off swimming at the pool.

Then, 'The Hubs' said we had to go get ready because he and 'The Littles' had a surprise for me at 11:30.  We got into the car and he blindfolded me and drove me all around the strip until we arrived at the  Mandalay Bay.  He took off my blindfold and gave me directions to the spa.  They had booked me a late Mother's Day massage!  And it was a good one.

 Thank you, guys!  (Again, we tried.)

We ate a quick lunch and then took the kids to Shark Reef because after a day of watching dolphins, you have to go and see some sharks.

 This sting ray keep coming right up to 'The Boy' and he giggled every single time.

 I love petting the sting rays.  I tried so hard to get 'The Boy' to do it but he was not having it.

After our shark adventures, we took our sleep ones to the Bellagio to see the conservatory.  This is one of my favorite things to do when we come to Vegas.  They change it every season and never cease to impress me.

 Blue favorite!

He had a meltdown because he couldn't go on the ferris wheel.

We finished off the night with some more swimming and dinner by the pool.  Our last night in Vegas for a while.  Always so bittersweet.

The next morning, we woke up and packed everything into the car.  We loved our timeshare and we were all sad to leave. 

We had a view of the Sahara the whole time we were there.  They closed their doors the day after we left.  Farewell, old Vegas.  Make way for the new.

We had a drive ahead of us but we still wanted to play in Vegas until just before dinner.  So we went back to the dump Circus Circus and took the kids to the Adventuredome.

 Clearly, not a fan.

 We let Daddy go on some grown up rides.  I am fine to watch from the ground thankyouverymuch.

We intended to stay and walk the strip some more but we were all beat and 'The Littles' fell asleep as soon as we got in the car.  We stopped at the outlet mall for a bit so I could do some shopping and 'The Hubs' and 'The Littles' played some video games.

Then we started the long journey home.  Farewell, Vegas.  Until we meet again.  I have a feeling it won't be long.

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