Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vegas: Secret Garden

We took the kids to the Mirage to walk around and see the Secret Garden.  'The Littles' both love animals so we knew it would be a big hit. 

'The Boy' loved the underground viewing.  We watched the dolphins swim for a long time.

'Munchkin' was impressed but needed a few snacks to stay busy.

This is not posed.  I couldn't have asked for a better shot.

It is so amazing how the dolphins swim right up to the glass.  They are so beautiful. 

We eventually made it back up into the sunlight and watched the dolphins do some tricks.

It was like Sea World but much less crowded so 'The Littles' got more attention.

After watching the dolphins (for like, an hour), we walked over to the garden to see the animals.

The last time we were here, some guy near us got sprayed by one of the tigers.  We knew to keep our distance but they get pretty close to you.

Lazy wasn't that hot.

Not as entertaining as the dolphins.

We tried.

'Munchkin' got a little jealous that 'The Boy' was getting a ride so, of course, Daddy had to hold her too.

We finished up in the garden and then, I swear, we went back and watched the dolphins some more.  Then we took the kids for a walk at City Center which was unimpressive.  We did ride the tram from Aria back to The Cosmopolitan which 'The Boy' thought was a train so I guess it ended up being worth it.  It had been a week and we were still having a blast!  10 day vacations are the best.

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