Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome Home, Chelsea!

The next morning, we waited patiently to hear whether or not we could take our girl home.  We had some Starbucks, visited with family, let 'The Boy' bond with "Baby Sister".  My discharge orders were ready to go so we just needed Chelsea's billirubin levels to be within a normal range and then we'd be home free.

"I feed baby sister."

The littles with Gigi and Pop.

Chelsea and Grandma.

Finally, we got the good news.  We were all able to go home!  It was about 11:30 when we got discharge and by discharged I mean kicked out with a quickness.  Good riddance awful hospital.

This jacket and bonnet are what I wore to come home form the hospital. Too bad it was super hot out and she sweat the whole way home.

So sad that this came out blurry but I took it so quickly.  They were really rushing us.

Heading home with our newest addition.  I look like a serious train wreck!

Welcome home, Chelsea!

'The Boy' headed home with Gigi and Pop.  He wanted to go back to the hobspital.

My little helper.

"I want to kiss her!"

Chelsea's reaction to being home.

We are now all settled and so excited to see what adventures await our family of four.


Leslie said...

i don't understand how you look so pretty right after giving birth. i look more train wrecky three minutes after i finish hair & makeup than you did after a hospital stay.

and on a less selfish note, CONGRATS ON YOUR BABY BRINGING HOMEDNESS!!

devon lorraine ... said...

ya, i want to comment on how you look terrific!

devon lorraine ... said...

oh and also when i told patrick that 'megan that i went to high school with had her baby girl and she had jaundice, so when that happens i guess you have to stay at the hospital...' (he just 'loves' when i read blogs to him), he was all proud to ask me if i knew what actually makes a person yellow. i did not, so he had to tell me. my response: what, what is billy-ruben? why did he even know that? so glad to see your beautiful chelsea is home now!!