Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Week

I have so many photos from Chelsea's first week home that I can't even see straight much less comprehend composing that many individual posts.  So instead...a little hodgepodge.
Our pretty girl.

Daddy's the munched face.

Rocking with Pop.

Milk drunk.

Her first hair bow.  There will, of course, be many more.

Meeting Papa.

Chillin' with Uncle Mikey.

Sweet face.

Of course, 'The Boy' showered her with toys in her crib at home.

And chugged his trains along her crib.

Such a sleepy girl.

Sweet little hands.

Our first outing to see the pediatrician.

Meeting Dr. Hurwitz.

I'm glad it's not me.

Auntie Mariel came to visit and even changed a poopy diaper.

Getting a little sick of this train thing.

Love being home with our girl.

1 comment:

devon lorraine ... said...

1. i love that dr. h doesn't mind being photographed during appointments!
2. tell me about those little tiny bows in chelsea's hair. how are they staying there?