Friday, July 23, 2010

4th of July

Our 4th of July was very laid back.  We were so tired and still adjusting to our little one being home that we just didn't have it in us to celebrate much.  We did head over to Gigi and Pop's for a BBQ and to celebrate Uncle Mikey's birthday.

So tired.  Every single one of us.

My new favorite picture.

Not sure what's happening here but I'm sure it was fun to clean up.

Making a water slide.
Had to take a picture of my mom's gorgeous roses.

Mikey, trying to talk on the phone, and 'The Boy', kissing Chelsea's "peanuts"(toes).

Happy Birthday, Uncle Mikey.

Big brother and little sister. 

I look exhausted.

Helping Uncle Mikey with his presents.

We headed to our favorite spot, a hill in Temecula, to watch the fireworks.  When we drove past it we found that it was blocked off and we couldn't drive up there.  But we could hike and that's what we did.  With a one week old.

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PB∧Janelle-e said...

actually I think you look exhausted at all! :)