Sunday, July 25, 2010

At One Month

           First, I must say, that never in my life has a month gone by so quickly.  You are one month today but it feels like just yesterday you were showing off your rock star kicks in my belly.  What a joy it is to have you home.  Our family is finally complete now that you, my baby girl, are with us.

           At one month you love snuggling and are quite content to sleep on just about any body's chest, though you prefer Daddy's.  You'd be super happy if we'd let you sleep on your tummy all of the time but, we're not supposed to yet, so for now it's supervised naps only. 
          Speaking of sleep, you are one sleepy gal.  You love to snooze in your swing or froggy bouncer but not so much in the pink bouncy chair.  You already sleep in your crib during the night.  For the first three weeks you slept in a bassinet next to our bed but Daddy's snoring our noises kept waking you.  You fall asleep around 10:30, wake for a feeding and changing around 3, and then wake for the morning around 6.  Last night, you treated us to a solid six hours of sleep.  We are hoping that it lasts.

          You are more alert during the day within the last week.  You love to hold your head up and with eyes wide open, take in your surroundings.  You are so intrigued with the zebra that dangles from your pack n' play and stare at with expressions of amazement.  You smile and I adore your little grin.  You furrow your brow often and I imagine you are thinking 'What's with that noisy kid and when is his nap time?'

          I breastfed you exclusively for the first week and a half but, we had some trouble so switched to bottles of expressed breast milk.  That didn't last long either as you spit up more than half of your feedings each time.  You now drink 4 oz. of formula every 3-4 hours.  This makes both of us happy.
         You weighed 8 lbs. and 6 oz. at your last appointment a week and a half ago.  I imagine that you have gained even more because your cheeks are starting to fill in and your newborn clothes are getting snug.
        All of that mysterious brown hair that you were born with has lightened up and begun falling out.  I'm afraid that you may be a baldy after all.  You look just like your Mommy but you have a dimple in your chin and long skinny fingers and toes like your Daddy.

         Your brother adores you.  He kisses you all day and night and rushes to soothe you when you cry.  He rarely calls you Chelsea, preferring "baby sister".  Sometimes, I catch him standing on a stool next to your crib just staring at you as you sleep.  I am so looking forward to seeing your relationship develop.
          We love you little Chels Bells, and can't wait to see what next month brings. 

Newborn photos by Marcella Caldwell of Cellabration Photography


Leslie said...

how is your baby so expressively cute while she's sleeping? can i get some lessons?


PB∧Janelle-e said...

oh goodness!! LOVE these pics! She is SO dang pretty! Your letter to her is great too!

devon lorraine ... said...

she is a sweet little thing! i think she looks like her brother ... of course the cute-precious-girl version!