Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 2 in the Hospital

When 'The Hubs' came to visit on Saturday, he took one look at our princess and said, "does she look a little yellow?"  He brought her to me and through my burning, exhausted eyes, I notice it, too.  And she didn't just look a little yellow.  She was super yellow and on her way to Big Bird yellow.

About an hour later, the pediatrician confirmed that she had jaundice because our blood types didn't match.  That meant she would need to be on a billi bed for 24 hours.  I was beyond emotional over it.  I would have to spend another night in the hospital...alone.  What was even more exciting was that the screaming baby next to us also had jaundice and had to stay as well. Boo!

My mom helped calm me down and helped me get my first post partum shower.  I put on my own nightgown and bathrobe and felt so much better.  I was able to suck it up and get through another day and night in, may I say, the most disastrous hospital in the universe.  Thankfully, Chelsea slept so well that night.  She was taking in so much formula to flush out the jaundice and it filled her belly real good.  I was so tired, that even though that other baby screamed the whole night long, I slept through it.

Working on her suntan.

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